Virtual Signalling Gold

You know how Vegas gives odds on everything to do with the Superbowl, like the final score, first turnover, length of the national anthem, etc.? They oughta set odds for which social issue each athlete will spout off during the Summer Olympics, and the over/under on their virtue-signaling rant.

Aussie swimmer Medaline Groves just dropped out of The Games due to pressure from “misogynist perverts”; in the past she’s complained about inappropriate comments from a “well-known coach”. These coaches’ (men?) behavior is boorish and demeaning – but are you telling us that a professional swimmer has never encountered the Male Gaze in her entire career? She just realized some pigs are only looking for skin? (And if you think this only happens to girls, think of how many women (and men) stared at Michael Phelp’s package when he crawled outa the pool).

This is only the beginning of the what sb an Olympics of Outrage and Shaming, and we pity pious Japanese officials trying to get the winners to the podium without long speeches about the patriarchy, BLM, Palestine, Trump (for and against), migrants, poverty, Gamergate, New Coke, etc, etc.

In the NBA, if you don’t wanna “shut up and dribble” there are 82 games for Lebron to express his opinion – or not – you’re allowed to just talk about, you know, Sports. These Olympic SJWs – most of which we’ve never heard of – will wake up in their exceptionally clean athletes village and think “I only have this one chance to tell the world about the suffering of cuttlefish” and we all have to endure it.

Yall is gonna havta promise – PROMISE – to not watch women’s swimming, diving, volleyball, javelin, etc. for the T&A. I’m taking the Over on this one.

Story By: USA Today

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