The Alec Baldwin Interview Weirdness!

I just saw a clip from The View where one of the hosts stated that Alec Badlwin is a victim and that people need to leave him alone and I thought to myself, what kind of cover-up or distraction is this.

I don’t pretend to know anything about the set of RUST where the actor and producer allegedly shot a woman, by not pulling the trigger, but I do know that even with the most top level understanding of the story, just reading the headlines level of understanding the story, there is absolutely no way that he is a victim. He is not the one who got shot.

I also saw clips from the interview, where Alec acts his way through it, and not very well, because I know terrible acting when I see it.

Along with claiming no responsibility, despite being on set and a producer of the movie, he also claimed no guilt from the incident because he did nothing wrong, even though normal humans would feel guilt even if it was an accident. Humans, so silly with their empathy, good thing actors aren’t humans.

He also said if he did feel guilty, he would have killed himself, but luckily his wife, another piece of work who totally fabricated her origin story and accent, during her multiple pregnancies.

These are bad people and they are not victims and this celebration of Alec Baldwin is just more evidence of how disgusting our current culture is.

Remember, he’s an actor, a professional liar with no soul, and not nearly as good of an actor as he was back in Beetlejuice.

Clearly this is a distraction of real world issues, but here it is anyway.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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