Man Earns Big-Ups

January 25, 2021 | News | Media Man |

One of the best vibes of writing for WWTDD is when you can shine the light on a fellow Man who’s done manly, even heroic things. (BC that doesn’t get reported enough by Big Media, who is all about fear and outage and “equality”).

From our sister-site VTS: dude in Missouri saw a truck crash on the interstate, rushed over to help, pulled the driver out before it exploded, then went home to his young wife. Not for money or press or attention, but bc it seemed like the Right Thing To Do. Another man chipped too – neither issued a press release or sued the government afterward. (He gets a bit religious / political on the clip, but givem a break, he aint pretending).

Would one of us (male or female) do the same thing in a similar sitch? We’d like to think so, and when you done cleaning off the smoke and go to sleep in your cheap IKEA bed that night, you is gonna wake-up on a new level. Go and do good shit, Men.

Story By: VideosThatSuck


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