Lil Kim Fingered


You know how when you’re not happy with your Airbnb so you bust into the property manager’s place with ski masks and guns and demand your money back? Lil Kim and her crew allegedly called on that oldie during the big BET Awards Show weekend in L.A.

According to cops who turn evidence over directly to TMZ, Lil Kim and her entourage rented a swank place out of the BET weekend. They weren’t happy with the digs for whatever reason and tried to get their money back from the female landlord. At 2am. An argument ensued and cops were called to the scene. It was BET Awards weekend so they were already prepped to be busy between the overnight hours. The police decided the unhappy Lil Kim and her party renters were a civil matter and told everybody to shut up and figure it out on Monday.

A couple hours later, ski-mask wearing men, and possibly one overweight 40-something newish mom, busted into the property manager’s place brandishing weapons and took back Lil Kim’s deposit check and cash. About $20K. You can imagine the war room planning that went into this heist. 

Lil Kim is now being sought for questioning by the police in regard to the armed robbery. Since everybody knows this is obviously her and her crew’s doing, it’s really a matter of how much city time and resources can be wasted before knocking down the charges to celebrity misdemeanors. On the downside, there’s going to be the arrest. On the upside, Lil Kim’s decision to abort Biggie’s baby twenty years ago continues to look solid in hindsight.

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