Remember when being a rock star meant partying hard, sleeping all day, and dying young? Yeah me neither, but it’s a far cry from today’s pop figures who whine about all the wealth and attention they receive.

No-one who understands music would call Demi Lovato a “rock” star, but she carries some of the trappings – multiple hookups with both sexes, award show screeching, and the inevitable drug overdose. Rather than shaking it off like a Stone or outright dying like Amy Winehouse, Demi is recovering from self-abuse with a “brave” and “honest” documentary about overcoming strokes, evil ex-boyfriends, and jet-lag from traveling the world. (Note how it carries the pretension subtitle “Dancing With The Devil” instead of the more appropriate “I Fuctup”).

Who is this documentary for – other child stars turned millionaire pop whores? Hollywood rich jades? Trailer trash who want to win American Idol and then crash and burn? It’s certainly gonna help her agent, publicist, stylist, videographer, PR team, etc – an army of supportive and well-paid people that your typical opioid addict don’t got.

So excuse us if we don’t shed a fugazy tear for a young woman who’s known nothing but fame and cheddar and press. If her doc is peppered with a 1-800 number for other addicts to get help we’ll back down – until then princess, nurse your wounds, unfriend your dealers, donate to charity, and maybe consider a career outside of victimhood.

Story By: Rolling Stone

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