Dear “Ally”: Women Hate You

There’s been a rise in the “Woke” world as of late. They’re called male feminist and, SURPRISE, they creep everyone the fuck out. Now, this isn’t to say that a guy being pro-woman is bad. It’s not. I happen to like women very much. So much so that I often have sex with them. The problem EVERYONE seems to have with male feminist is their insistence on being more feminist than their female counterparts. There in lies the rub. It’s something that has become known as ‘too try-hard”, and women fucking hate it.

There’s a old cartoon of a big dog walking along with a little dog. The big one walks slow, upright, says nothing, while the little one is yapping and jumping and asking over and over what the big dog wants to do that day. Finally, without even looking, the big dog smacks the little dog and simply says “Shaddup!”. That’s how most people feel about anyone who is too try-hard, especially when it comes to men and women.

Even if you’re being sincere and not just some creep trying to backdoor, or as the late great Patrice O’Neal so eloquently put it “friendship your way into some pussy”, women don’t dig it. I have yet to see an “ally” being anything but a whipping boy, gofer, or end up being the guy that feminist are always warning women about *cough Weinstein cough*. Even psychologytoday and hardcore feminist Kate Iselin come to the same conclusion. So fellas, take it down a notch. The whole point is that they don’t need you. If you keep it up, they definitely won’t want you.

Your Pal,
Tyler Durden

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