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Amy Schumer Receives Baby Cake With Weak Anal Cavity

February 1, 2019 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf |

It seems like ugly runs in Amy Schumer’s family. Ugly Amy received an ugly gift from in-laws that ended up being an ugly baby shower cake complete with partially prolapsed butthole. I’m not surprised that Schumer’s cake looks like a joke gone wrong. Because her life is joke gone wrong. And most of the babble she got paid to say on stage were jokes gone wrong. And Jesus Christ, still the most noteworthy news Amy has to contribute is centered around her joke of a vagina. Thoughts and prayers to anyone that’s ever seen that thing in person. Chris Fischer, you’re either going blind like Bill Cosby or you’re a man that knows no standards. Because you’ve basically reproduced with a hairless Yeti. I hope you’re booked and charged for several counts of mythological bestiality.

With her due date growing closer, Amy Schumer announced that she had received a very “horrifying” gift from her husband Chris Fischer‘s sister Molly Fischer: a cake depicting a crowning baby, with a doll head poking out to greet the world.

I really thought those bachelorette party BBC cakes were bad, but this cake sure gives that shit a run for its money. And now it’s inspired the horrifying question in my head of “what color are Amy’s pubes really if her sister-in-law used chocolate sprinkles?” I don’t want to know the answer but the curiosity of knowing just to know is killing me. But I rather drink bleach on the rocks before typing that question into Google leads to the discovery of a possible mukbang sex tape Amy may have floating around.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Instagram 

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Jennifer Aniston Suffering A Sex Dry Spell

January 31, 2019 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf |

When someone says they haven’t gotten laid in a long time, it’s hard to believe. And it’s because the definition of sex is so elusive. I mean Bill Clinton didn’t even consider the blowjob he got in office to be sexual relations at first. I wish I went into politics at the time if hummers were being treated as casual as handshakes in the White House. So who really knows what counts as “getting laid” anymore. Does a friendly match of rock’em sock’em scissor cunts count if there’s no penetration? How about “butt-stuff?” I mean every girl growing up that said she was saving herself for marriage circumvented losing the virgin label by accepting more meat through her backdoor than the local abattoir. All I’m saying is, if Jennifer Aniston claims she hasn’t gotten laid since early 2017, she needs to be a little more specific with her definition of sexy time.

It’s been almost exactly one year since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split. Reports say that Amal Clooney is trying to get Jennifer laid, and a new report explains that she may need all of the help she can get.

Apparently she’s still in a dry spell that began long, long before she and Justin ended things. RadarOnline reports that Jennifer Aniston hasn’t gotten laid since her split with Justin Theroux. Since before the split, actually.

“Her marriage with Justin (Theroux) went downhill in early 2017,” the insider notes. “So,” the source says. “It’s coming up for two years since she had a good romantic experience.”

I find it hard to believe Aniston has fasted from sexual relations for almost two years. A sex starved aging woman typical turns into a smelly cat lady if the celibacy goes on for too long. I really don’t want to hear rumors of Jennifer not noticing she smells like a mixture of Tidy Cats and Fancy Feast. Who here is willing to sacrifice themselves if she’s unable to find a suitable sex partner within the next few weeks?

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Backgrid USA / MEGA 

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Demi Rose Animal Instincts and Crap Around the Web

Head over the hump with these sexy links including Rita Ora erotica, Bella Hadid modeling, and the week’s best streaming nude scenes!

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Cory Chase Cheats On Dana DeArmond With Young Hottie Zoey Taylor Over at Twistys

Marisa Papen in Ibiza!

Kylie Jenner Spent Over $10k on Postmates in 2018

Bella Hadid Pussy Print of the Day

Juliette Lewis Can’t Stand ‘Weirdo Women’ Falling for Ted Bundy

Kelsy Karter Explains Getting Harry Styles Tattooed On Her Face

January 30, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson |

New Zealand singer Kelsy Karter  is opening up about her decision to get Harry Styles’ face tattooed on her cheek. And it makes sense. Just hear her out. Don’t be the kind of guy who jumps to conclusions. Here we go:

I just wear my heart on my cheek and I couldn’t really control what went on from there.

Nevermind it doesn’t make sense, don’t hear her out, and do jump to conclusions. Karter with a K elaborated on why Harry and her face are a match made in clickbait Dark Web heaven:

As a fellow musician, I really respect what he’s doing for rock ‘n’ roll. I’m a female in the modern day movement of rock ‘n’ roll and he’s exposed the kids to sounds they might have not otherwise heard. Because he came from the pop world and did a rock ‘n’ roll album, it’s opened doors for people like me. I really respect what he’s doing and love what he’s doing — and he’s nice to look at.

Translation: Either Karter with a K has a mental disorder or she’s cashing in her looks for fifteen-minutes of Z-list stardom. Either way I stan and think that we should all get popstars with waning popularity permanently printed on our faces. Okay guys pact time. Let’s do it. I get Justin Bieber.

Photo Credit: Instagram



Celine Dion Responds to Skinny Shaming

January 30, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson |

Celine Dion is giving us the skinny on what she thinks about people who think she’s anorexic. Over the past couple of weeks, Dion has stepped out in a number of outfits that flaunt her definitely fifty-year-old and 100% not seventy-five-year-old bod. Drawing scrutiny from trashy websites with nothing better to do. But Dion is well aware that h8ers are gonna h8, and released this response to her skinny-shamers:

I’m doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.

If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t bother. Don’t take a picture. If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.

And if you don’t like what we have to say, don’t read WWTDD. And I’m guessing… that Celine Dion doesn’t.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Ariana Grande’s Misspelled Tattoo Is “BBQ Grill”

January 30, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson |

Ariana Grande followed in the footsteps of so many Myrtle Beach Spring Break sorority girls and frat guys before her by getting misspelled Japanese characters tattooed on her body. Well actually, they’re spelled correctly. But they spell “shichirin” – a type of tiny Japanese BBQ grill – instead of the intended “7 Rings.” Grande posted a pic of her tattoo commemorating her latest single 7 Rings to Instagram, but quickly deleted it after her fans notified her that she was pimping Japanese BBQ grills on her palm. Thankfully we still have this evidence.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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