Can I be Meghan Markle’s Concubine?

Big Media is trying to place a fishbowl over erstwhile dame Meghan Markle like they did dollie Princess Diana years ago. Markle is constantly in the news suing English tabloids, voicing animated characters in Hollywood, fighting racism, retreating and then fleeing Canada, etc. The Media exploitation of Meghan is not yet at full throttle as it was with Diana, where which hand she used to slap Prince Charles was scrutinized like the moon landing.

But I think it’s important when discussing Markle’s progressivism, merits as wife and mother, and role within the Royal Family, that we don’t lose sight of what a milf she is. Sure, she seems capable of great womanly achievements, but how would she look today in one of those tight blouses she wore on “Suits”?

Meghan, I’ll happily watch your webcasts and support you helping the homeless – but can you bite your lip a bit while doing it? Maybe more cleavage? We’re lucky such a hunny has taken on the position of Royal Pin Cushion – because who would you rather watch in their virtual signaling, Meghan or Amy Schumer? Once Madison Beer learns to emote, I’ll donate to whatever cause she wants me to.

STORY VIA TheProvince

Here are some pics of her on Deal or No Deal, from Gameshow Body to Princess, the masterful story of Markle.

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