Female Voyeurs are Adorable

September 18, 2020 | Gossip | Media Man |

Okay this rant writes itself. Bulbous Wendy Williams has admitted that she spies on her New York neighbors with binoculars, including a man who showers “head to ankle”. We all know there is a wiring problem in Williams’ brain, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop her lips from flapping.

You can read the cutesy article here

, but if we change the gender (and add some bass strings) the interview moves from joke to criminal confession. Imagine if Steve Buschemi says he regularly watches his female neighbors disrobe, and even though the view is obscured he can still see “the good parts”. Accused of “borderline criminal” activity, Buschemi would “shrug” saying he’s a peeping tom like its no big deal, and sometimes he puts his hand down his pants … okay Williams didn’t say that last part, but she could with no repercussion.

If this admission was made to KTLA from a man who’s not a b-list celebrity, you can imagine the outrage and subsequent arrest.

It’s all smiles and puff-pieces and cute prose when a female celebrity is a pervert, bc in our feminist world its funny when a woman does it.



This is Your Captain Speaking

Ah, the hypocrisy of celebrity nudity. Steroid actor Chris Evans – who plays Captain America and no-one remembers what else – “accidentally” shared a dick-pic to his many followers this weekend. We’re sure it’s very impressive in its state of readiness, and we tip our hat to this hot-blooded stud and his many forthcoming carnal adventures.

No word on many hunnies have DM him looking for a piece, but the incident is being treated as a cute mistake by the Media – as opposed to a regular dude sending a similar photo out, which is pornographic and illegal and male fascism. And if Kim or Kylie or (please god) Dove was to “accidentally” post a similar picture, it would be art and female expression and empowering. (Click on any of WWTDD sister-sites if you agree).

Hollywood wants people to forget that actors are insecure nihilists, and flash their bodies to get paid – like strippers with better lighting and music. And pay them we to, whether baring bust in search of an Oscar or that thong that gets a 1000 more likes on the Gram. How would we be blessedly exposed to so many overwrought Bulgarian babes if it wasn’t so?

When a woman posts any part of her anatomy in a pre-coital state, there would be tsking and Dislikes, but much more feminist defense of the oppressive Male Gaze, and how dare you diss a woman who’s expressing her sexuality. Even enjoying said picture and suggesting you appreciate the details and would like to see more like them is sexist

Female celebrities can be sluts and forgiven – men like Evans and Aziz Ansari – not so much. Although if you look like Evans, women can meme it with giggling and heart emojis without repercussion (try doing that for any celebrity nip-slip).

In summary – Evans “accidentally” sends a dp and for many it “made my Saturday” – a Kardashian does it and it’s sexy – you do it, and the police will be coming over shortly.

Here is a gallery of 10 girls who have experienced Chris Evan’s dick, before it was a (intentional) dick pic, including: Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel, Gisele Bundchen, Emmy Rossum, Christina Ricci, Minka Kelly, Kristin Cavallari, Jenny Slate and Lily Collins.

Ray vs Hollywood, Part 2

Actor Ray Fisher continues to stoke his vast (hahaha jk) army of followers in his battle with Warner Brothers, regarding his mistreatment on the set of “Justice League” 3 years ago. He was abused by star director Joss Whedon – no wait, it was also Warner co-president Joe Berg, and maybe executive Geoff Johns. (No word on whether the ghost of Jack Warner is also in the mix). An independent investigation has also been dismissed by future thespian Fisher – I’m guessing he’ll soon seek approval on the “Flash” sequel, future Batman / Superman installments, hell even Shazam / Black Adam. DC superhero movies all go thru Ray now.

Good Guy Jason Momoa didn’t check with his PR rep before backing his childish coworker STORY .

If you’re director Joss Whedon – who banked $2.14 billion for Disney with the first 2 “Avengers” movies – or his bosses Berg and John, who are you going to listen to on the set: Henry Cavill (“Dawn of Justice”, $872 million box office), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, $821 million), Momoa (“Aquaman”, $1.1 billion), multiple Oscar winner Ben Affleck, or some limpdick who just got his big break?

For a guy who portrays a football player in the movie (with more of that in the “Snyder Cut”), Fisher sas doesn’t understand teamwork. If you’re in the huddle with Drew Brees, you let him call the play – or maybe Michael Thomas, or maybe one of the backs – not some punk-ass 4th WR who’s lucky to be on the field. If you go bitching to Sean Payton that you’re not seeing enough on the ball, to stretch a point, you’ll be slapped down to the practice squad by halftime.

What does Fisher think is going to happen? Maybe Warners pays him a few mill to stfu, maybe they give him a cameo in the “Flash” movie, but no way in hell this princess gets a “Cyborg” movie fast-tracked, nor an invite to the next “Justice League” movie (if it ever happens). Does he think another studio is going “this kid from New Jersey is just what we need to build our crime-thriller around”, or “we’ve found the next Black Panther?

The Hollywood press leads to let this story die. There’s no “whiny bitch” in Team either.

How about some Gal Gadot.

Gender-Blind Casting

A new season of “Magnum PI” starts this week, but most of us have never watched it (or even heard about it) because Magnum is now a woman’s show. The fact it’s not broadcast on Lifetime or Oxygen is a testament to what few heterosexual males tune-in looking for bikinis (don’t bother) that are miscounted in the ratings.

We know it’s a woman’s show bc the lead is cute and cuddly as opposed to the original man’s man Tom Selleck, who’s rugged and hairy. The salty butler character Higgins has been gender-swapped to a capable woman, and Magnum is made to care for things other than his buddies, his Ferrari, and his Hawaiian villa. I assume he still solves mysteries in under 48 minutes across the criminal cesspool that is Honolulu – or maybe he rescues dolphins, I don’t know.

Will there be small-scale explosions, PG nudity, and overt lessons on the sins of racism, sexism, ageism, and bad haircuts? Probably. Will anyone get shot in the head, crash their helicopter on an expensive set, or discover some acts of violence just can’t be solved with a feminine handgun and a smirk? Don’t think so (yall can tell us otherwise).

I wonder what would happen if men converted a beloved women’s show to fit our dynamic – and no we’re not remolding something toward “Baywatch” or “Archer”, which are cheesy and juvenile and lacking brain activity. “Jane the Virgin” would become “Jane the Slut” – or at least “Jane the Executive Cougar”. “Big Little Lies” would feature an attractive and racially diverse cast (okay, they’ve already got that started), who watch professional sports and drink and start/stop home renovation projects, instead of gossiping and therapy sessions and thoughtful songs. There would be more guns, off-road vehicles, and of course boobs – characters would be active getting things done and not just talking about how they feel in not getting things done. Women would actually pop the hood on their Italian sports-car, not just comment on the color.

True, Men get “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead” and Michael Bay still makes movies – but these shows aren’t trying to convert anyone. Women watch “Sons of Anarchy” for the Bad Boys and their innate desire to become merciless queens of a biker gang, but it’s the same reason men check “P-Valley” (if you can get past the transvestites) – wish-fulfillment.


Here’s a round up of 34 year old Perdita Weeks, who plays the new and improved Higgins on the show. You can tell by the moustache.

Kick the Damn Ball

As college and NFL football return to the field, we’re initiated with articles about how dangerous any gathering at any stadium anywhere is. Big Media, whose sole purpose is to sell fear and outrage, is talking to anyone with a medical degree and an opinion to roll the administrators, athletic directors, and athletes themselves for participating in what will surely be an arena of death. And of course us ignorant sports fans are also to blame by proxy, for selfishly wanting to be entertained.

But the English Premier League – the biggest sports league in the world (sorry Robert Kraft) – finished its season weeks ago with 0 virus-related deaths. The same for Germany’s Bundeslegue, the Korean Baseball League, Aussie-Rules football and so-on. Even the Champions League (soccer), the most popular tournament on the planet, handed out a trophy after several international matches.

And straight-up, every year someone somewhere in college sport perishes, despite all precautions – it’s just a matter of numbers.

Now that the big targets have been hit by American media – health, politics, economics – they’re out to stoke fear in the soft ones e.g. sport and entertainment. They would have us believe restarting sports will lead to impenetrable illness, death, and the end of the American way of life. But the Europeans have solved the problem of the Stupid Virus spreading in sport, something our leagues can learn from; some events even have people in the stands (sacrilege!).

When the trophies are handed out and fatalities are low, an apology from Big Media is as likely as colleges paying their athletes – and bc the Media is Never Wrong.

Now some Victoria Beckham – the latest WAG with COVID!

Kate Upton – Dream Woman

We at WWTDD aren’t against women – for example, there’s Kate Upton. Based on what we know about Upton and her recent pic on the gram, we’d like to reaffirm our undying love for this American Goddess.

The reasons are pretty obvious from a Google search, but her track record from that virginal, jiggly video – a dance she does with pure joy and femininity, btw – that allowed her to level-up in the wicked world of modeling to today is colp.

After making bank and landing her sugar-daddy (ace pitcher Justin Verlander), she spends her time modeling (thank god), staying in shape, fostering dogs, and raising her toddler. Sure she probably has a small army of nannies and healthcare workers to raise baby while Justin is on the tour, but she seems to have more interest in being a mother than, say, Madonna, who likely confuses her African purchases between shots.

When her man is threatened she launches a fiery (and a bix sexy?) tweet at MLB, suggesting voters are gravely mistaken about who the MVP is, and questioning their sexual choices.

What man wouldn’t want a woman with her health, drive, and maternal instincts? A recent poolside photo shows her enjoying a bottle of wine, pizza (2 pieces – she’s not a pig), and a sensible dog, in the house her bikini built – throw in a PS5 and it’s exactly what we’d like to come home to. Males don’t just want females to provide cooking and bjs (although pictures during the Fappening suggest it’s on the table here) – but we do want them to be women.

Story via PUREWOW

Virtual Signalling with Popcorn

Remember when going to the cinema wasn’t a political event? There’s mucho reasons to see a movie besides what’s on the screen – air conditioning, grade-B popcorn, getting to second base with a bored MILF. Now Hollywood and Those With an Agenda are suggesting attending a screening – or worse, not attending – is tantamount to voting against women’s rights, racism, Taiwanese independence, furries, whatever. (Odd that not going to a movie is considered profane in our new Cancel Culture).

The first reviews of Disney’s “Mulan” remake are coming in, underlining its “unabashedly feminist” morality – bc nothing says women’s liberation like spending $200 million on an English speaking floss of a 6th-century Chinese legend of war. You get your role models where you find them I guess – Disney’s picked one they hope 1 billion southeast Asians can identify with. A tale of choreographed female empowerment like “Mulan” is surely worth $30 (on top of your Disney+ subscription) this weekend to teach your gated-community princess that “women can do anything”, versus $0 come December.

From there, we’ll move quickly to reviews and tweets that suggest anyone who criticizes “Mulan” is anti-feminist, racist, Falun Gong, or some other cause-dujour. It’s like the supposed backlash against the all-female cast of “Ghostbusters” – no feminist wants to hear that people didn’t see this film bc it was shite.

Voting-via-movie-ticket will expand to “Wonder Woman 1984”, whose trailers have increasingly cracked out FEMALE EMPOWERMENT by ensuring the men on-screen are evil (the villain), buffoons (various mall-cops who’ve underestimate the mighty Wonder Woman), or unthreatening candy-asses (pretty boy Chris Pine – there’s nothing wrong with being thin, but don’t women want a man who at least looks like he could change a tire?). I want to see Gal Godot kick-ass and a cleaned-up Kristen Wiig in a black dress as much as anyone, hetero or homo, but can’t I watch without sociopolitical context?

Now that romantic comedies are dead (at least overseas), Women’s Movies have been redefined to include All Movies. Which is the way it should be, without baggage, especially if you want to persuade a date to see James Bond – but can we stop with the gender voting via clicking on Netflix? If I wanted to virtue-signal or get props from an unshaven, woke college girl, I’d watch Oprah. “Mulan” maybe a step forward in popularizing women’s rights, but Disneyworld hotels are closed and CEO Rob Iger just wants his money back.

Story via THE WRAP

Rose McGowan, Naked Feminist

God bless Rose McGowan – or whatever deity you hold dear (Kratos?). For a shrill harpy she’s still pixie cute, and her deranged justification of going naked to Hollywood events is insightful in a psychological, forensic sorta way. The kinda stuff celebrities sleuths will revisit when she perishes in a mysterious Carl’s Jr. explosion.

According to TooFab last week, back in 1998 when McGowan went mostly naked to the VMA it was “to blow your brain up” in some form of female empowerment. Anyone else would have called it egotistical, slunty, and self-promotion, but for reasons that exist only in McGowan’s head she was sending a cerebral signal to a superficial public.

Whether she was high, menstruating, mourning, or just horny we’ll never know – but we know she was definitely nipple-free. You just have to dress “sometimes on instinct” or however “a mood overtakes you” McGowan says now, bc that justifies anything women do that’s outrageous or illegal.

Her message of empowerment by abject nudity is top-of-mind when I’m cruising through WWTDD sister-sites, or when I click on various cam-girls. Like all woke Men, I feel a sense of pride supporting the sisterhood when I stare at their lace bodices or fleshy cosplay, thinking, just like McGowan did slutting up the red-carpet all those years ago, that I’m enabling these women’s ability to self-express and “do it with power”. By this logic, we liberated few should spend more time permitting these shameless feminists regardless of their attire, income, or intelligence level; every dollar we spend on Bella Thorne and Ariel Winter is actually virtue-signaling.

McGowan helped bust SOS Harvey Weinstein, and her shrieking exposure of other self-righteous celebrities is fun to watch; but would we still pay attention to her occasional boob-flash if she wasn’t milfy? Trying to understand women is hard enough – trying to understand a revisionist, self-justifying celebrity ho is impossible.

Jason Momoa is sorta Metal

There’s some guys you want to hang with in Hollywood – Tom Hanks, Denzel, and Leo (of course) – and some to avoid bc they are effeminate nihilists e.g. Jared Leto. It seems Jason Momoa doesn’t get his due – he’s the bro you’d call to chillax in the garage or at a concert.

His IMDb sheet is impressive – well, lately – but it’s the under-the-radar activities that make him a Man’s Man. Momoa regularly visits children’s hospitals, he parlayed his first big paycheck into a movie with indigenous co-stars, and he saved his costar (the yummy Emilia Clarke) from on-set embarrassment on the set of “Game of Thrones” (not an easy game when simulating doggy-style). He looks uncomfortable talking about himself or sitting on cutesy movie-set chairs – as all Men would be.

Momoa has a high-quality beard – and one on his face too (see what we did there?). The eternally beautiful Lisa Bonet, like all former child-stars, was in need of redemption, for her roller-coaster career and for putting up with the monotone, New York antics of Lenny Kravitz. She also shot one of the best soft-core scenes of the last 30 years in “Angel Heart” (Google it), so there’s that for him to look back on knowingly. Momoa can’t be bothered with ditz beach-bunnies apparently and locked in a well-run cougar.

And as any of us would do, he’s using this fame to get hold of more heavy metal – in this case, your Dad’s bangers Metallica, who gave him a copy of their new album early. We realize that suggesting creaky Metallica is metal is like calling Taylor Swift country – there’s a debate whether they “ever was”, and you could play either artist’s new album in the cemetery if you want to see Lemmy spinning in his grave.

Unlike most of Hollywood prima-donnas, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and is beloved by all stripes of women for it. Jason, I’ll drive you to that old-country concert if it means I get your daisy-duke seconds.

Story via LOUD WIRE

The System Works

Let’s all pour a 40 of candy-flavored liquor on the cell floor for pedophile R. Kelly, who incurred the wrath of his fellow inmates at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center this week (sounds like someplace outa an Orwellian sci-fi on Netflix). According to TMZ, the BBC, and others, a little incarceration self-correction was needed on Kelly due to interruptions in visitor time for his bunkmates.

Reading a bit of the history of this asshat’s case: we all want to “recruit girls to have sex”, but the details of his activities are illegal, recurring, inter-state, and stupid. The Media often glosses over the details of his charges – because he’s a hiphop star and dresses well, we guess – but there’s little room for sympathy when the convo turns to “underage sex”, “child pornography”, and “forced abortion”.

The details of the attack are unknown, but one hopes that the “extent of the injuries” is less “bruised my arm going to the hoop” and more “life-lesson from biker gang”. These sexual assault perps seem to give little thought to being on the receiving end of a beating, bc its all about control and not sex, as any junior-high psychology textbook would tell you (if Kelly’s supporters could actually read). I’m sure he has admirers inside the Correctional Center too – hopefully there’s more fathers saying “that could have been my 14-year-old you mf” and percussive hilarity ensues.

If and when Kelly is cleared of the “10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse” and the “additional 11 charges of sexual assault and abuse against a minor aged between 13 and 16”, we at WWTDD will apologize. But remember that every time a pedophile gets punched in the face, Chuck Norris sleeps a little better at night.

Story from BBC