Polar Opposites featuring Emily Ratajkowski Pregnancy

In a perverse way, it’s good that Men (and Women) have Lena Dunham as the flagbearer for FU feminism. Who better to encapsulate a dying movement than caustic, fugly, bitter, self-righteous Dunham, who also did some show-business stuff we’re not interested in looking up. It’s not that Men don’t need to be exposed to feminism in any form – but does it have to be heralded in her form?

So it’s a shock to use She Who Is Named Too Much in the same sentence as Emily Ratajkowski, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Emily is preggers and wanted Lena to help document (for reason’s only a female mind could comprehend aka a way to get featured in VOGUE).

Most of us would give our right arm for even the chance to inseminate Ratcow – Dunham, not so much, maybe we’d throw her a sandwich to not be forced into inseminating Dunham, she seems like that kind of girl, does she even identify as a girl? Luckily, she had a hysterectomy and can’t be inseminated by even the most desperate fame whore.

Speaking of gender, in the VOGUE article, or VOGUE publicity stunt reveal, our Heroin Ratajkowski was quoted saying “…we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and they’ll let us know then” sounds about right at least in terms of trying to make clickbait headlines. She goes onto say “..(there are) possibilities that are much more complex than what genitalia our child might (have).”

Good thing the only genitals we are interested in are Emily’s since she is the woman you fantasize about when you’re getting jiggy with your gf; Lenham is who you picture when she tells you she’s ovulating and you need shrinkage rfn.

I guess it’s too late for us to hook-up with Emily – and kudos to husband Sebastian Bear-McClard , who is obviously a Man Among Men or just rich – but we’ll always have that “Blurred Lines” video and 1000s of nudes she’s used to get where she is today! A modern day hero.

Some videos and pics of Emily Ratajkowski acting like her pregnancy is the most important thing to happen in the world as narcissism tends to do.

Bella Bella Bella

You gotta send props to Bella Thorne – she’s taken a modicum (tee-hee) of talent and beauty far beyond any other chiquita, based solely on the ability to show / not some skin.

What is her skill-set exactly? Yeah we know, model, influencer, director, blah-blah-blah. Her IMDb credits are as spotty as a young Latino actor tired of playing Gang Thug #3. The temptation is to compare her to Kylie or Nicki or some other young woman who’s really good at posing in a well-lit area, but most of her comparable hunnies would excel in any business venture bc hotness.

Thorne’s skill is leveraging her fame to land movie roles, direct porn, and any other Hollywood job that’s not just selling crap on the Gram. We can’t think of any reason anyone would hire her to do anything other than taking off her clothes (maybe putting them back on?), other than bc she’s built up a following by taking off her clothes.

Miley can sing (apparently), JLo can act (allegedly), and various soccer players can kick a ball around the field / pitch – what specifically can Thorne’s do when there’s no camera around? Okay, there’s THAT, but by now Bella would have those moments picted and broadcast if she thought it would get her an Oscar nomination.

In America, talent and training and patience are not needed when you’re a greasy ginger with nice bs – and God Bless America.

Katy Perry Picks Up Dog Shit with her Mask!

October 27, 2020 | video | Tex Hollywood |

Katy Perry is using a face mask to pick up dog shit while still looking like she’s pregnant, despite having had her kid, I guess baby weight doesn’t melt off all women, just ask my wife. If anything having kids is the number 1 excuse for permanent weight gain, weight gain that doesn’t really bother me on a daily basis, but that does when Katy Perry is involved because she’s been raping my ears for the last decade with real crappy pop songs I happen to know all the words of despite having never listened to her song willingly. There was no consent in her money making and if anything she monetized off MY ears hearing HER bad music and I didn’t sign up for that!

I realize this is hardly news or hardly interesting, but I figure it’s her way of shitting on the Mask Requirements since masks are now a political position, where you’re a pussy if you wear a mask and a racist if you don’t. I see the videos, very contentious times because of Pandemics people think are a scam, or others think are the best excuse to catch up on all Netflix has to offer.

So I’m just putting this out there for you anti-maskers to use as part of your facebook activism or “behind the computer” protests with other idiots, or for you maskers to get outraged that one of your own has desecrated the sacred mask because you know what happens when you don’t respect a mask….Jim Carey turns green and makes idiotic cartoon like faces in exchange for 100s of millions of dollars.


Ariel Winter is Confusing

I don’t get Ariel Winter – she’s certainly made the leap from cutesy child-star to skintastic Instagram profit center, and good for her. Ariel is like the gf you hope for your nephew (or niece), or the daughter you hope to have someday. Like young Jennifer Garner or Gemma Chan, is she bangable in certain photos, or maybe plain, or maybe trying too hard.

In other words, she doesn’t usually land on the top 10 of Most Something Lists, whether on People magazine or your personal spank-bank. There’s often a conversation around Winter being “beautiful on the inside”, from her mom and then parasitic entertainment media, as if this was a conversation anyone ever had with Dove Cameron. We all know Winter is gorge – but is she attractive enough?

The answer is wgaf – she is worth a click, especially when wearing tight shorts, and her smiling face (and other parts) have graced these pages for years bc Likes. She seems pretty clever despite her choice in bfs, and anyone who grows up on a Hollywood lot and still knows how to do her own laundry deserves an Honorable Mention.

Ariel, quit trying to please your estranged mom and the ravenous celebrity paparazzi – you go ahead and look however you want and be whoever you want to be. Also send nude pics.


Gaming Is the New Trend Among Celebrities

Unless you’ve been living under a very big rock somewhere, you’ve probably noticed that gaming has been the hot topic on nearly everyone’s lips lately. Playing video games, the hobby that was once considered “the go-to for freaks and geeks” has now become one of the most popular activities around the globe. It seems that no one can resist the calling of well-made video games, and unsurprisingly, quite a few celebrities have jumped aboard the gaming hype train. But why are so many celebs such huge gamers all of a sudden you might ask, well here’s what we think?

Real Money Gaming

Most of us either haven’t been paying enough attention or aren’t informed enough to realize that playing real money games does fall into the gaming category. With online casinos giving classic table games and slots digital makeovers, it’s no surprise to find out that a lot of celebrities have turned from playing at their usual luxury slots to the much more convenient online alternatives. If you want to  play at a casino online , you can join the horde of celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Michael Jordan, and Ben Affleck who frequent these websites. 

Knowing this, it seems that a big chunk of celebrity gamers have been at it for quite a while now, they’ve just been enjoying it in a different format up until recently. We can’t fault them for this, giving the slots a go once in a while can be quite the fun experience. 

Getting Paid to Play

It’s no secret that celebrities are often hired by different kinds of brands to promote products, and since the gaming industry is always looking for new ways to market games, celebrity advertising is clearly in the mix. While it’s often hard to tell if celebs are being paid to promote particular games, some examples of it are quite obvious. There have been big celebs such as Zac Efron that have hosted big gaming events in collaboration with game publishers, but it’s impossible to say whether they were fans of the games before the opportunity for a paycheck arose or not.

We could speculate all day on whether most of these celebs are in it just for the money or because of genuine interest in the product, but if previous experience with things like this is something to go on, it’s most likely a healthy mix of both.

Possibly Genuine Interest

This one might seem a bit far-fetched to some, but just like us, celebrities are real people with genuine interests. Of course, many of the self-proclaimed gamer celebs today are most likely doing it to attract members of the now-massive gaming audience, but some have been a part of the gaming community long before they became big stars. Two great examples of this are The Witcher star Henry Cavil and the kick-ass Brie Larson who plays Captain Marvel in the MCU. 

Rich Murderer Needs Attention

You can call it a case of rich white privilege, or roid-rage, or mistaken identity – or all 3 – but there’s no doubt that former Special Olympian Oscar Pistorius is one of the world’s biggest assholes.

The case we’re referring to is where South African athlete Pistorius killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in their apartment in 2013, thinking she was an intruder. Bc it totally makes sense that you would (literally) crawl around the bedroom in the middle of the night – not noticing your gf isn’t in bed – and shoot blindly into the locked ensuite bathroom bc burglar. Oscar’s prison sentence is winding down, and he’s conveniently found God just before his parole hearing.

But this scrote set the stage for assholery early, refuting the advantage his spring legs gave him over other disabled and then able-bodied runners (dude is a double amputee). When a Brazilian runner beat him with longer springs, he bitched to the highest level – so then metal “blades” are an advantage?

After killing his hot gf Steenkamp this doosh thought himself too special to go to jail – despite firing 4 shots into the dark (1 to the head), and evidence Steenkamp had been crying and hiding in the corner. South African law took awhile to convict this sos, who thinks he’s a now a Better Man in a recent ESPN documentary.

One documentary review suggests this story has no happy ending – it will if some enterprising duke puts a shiv into Oscar’s chest.


In Defense of the Bieb

It’s hard as a heterosexual male to get a handle on adult Justin Bieber, pop star and tatted multimillionaire. On the one hand, he worships a Man’s sport (hockey), plays drums, has a strong faith, deflowered hottie Selena Gomez, and scored model Hailey Baldwin … okay maybe this isn’t so hard.

Is it wrong for us manly men to flirt with becoming Biebtards? I know, he keeps a yappy little dog and has a boyish grin and still panders to teenage girls e.g. he “designed” some Crocs with charms that are selling like Presidential pardons. He’s had a few teenaged carmelyzed moments – but who among us hasnt wanted to climb a tree and shout truth in a public park when stoned out of your focking mind?

As a businessman, via luck or connections or perhaps talent (!) he’s worth over $250 mill and attached himself to the most popular Spanish-language song of the century (Despacito). He doesn’t think he’s god, like contemporaries Kanye and Mariah and Enrique, and subtle in his conversions (sometimes).

Maybe he’s acting out and maybe he’s gay and maybe Selena Gomez is the last virgin he’ll ever tap; but if pretending means I get to spoon Hailey every night – wheres my drumkit.


Female Abuser Need Sympathy

Women are innocent until proven guilty by Big Media, even if they are in a steroid-induced rage. WNBA player Cappie Pondexter has been “found safe” after wandering the streets of America, trying to find herself amidst the moral quandary that is a star athlete’s life. She was also arrested for “battery assault” earlier, which for some reason is buried in the story.

So poor Cappie is no longer a “missing person” – what about the man/woman that she beat up? Somehow the state-of-mind of a deranged female jabroni is equitable to the bruises and lost teeth she inflicted upon others. Don’t worry, gf/bf lying in the hospital bed – the person who did this to you is safe (and sound?).

Once again we’ve noted if this was about Tyree Hill or Adrian Peterson or similar there would be no concern about the mental health of the perp; but calls for an investigation into abuse of male athlete’s on women, and the commissioner would setup a weak-ass policy to try and prevent further behavior.

Somehow Cappie is the victim here, and deserving of our sympathy – let’s pray she gets the help she needs before she opens up on someone again.

Editor’s note: I am not sure if these are pics of Cappie, so I attached a gallery of the world’s hottest international basketball player ever, Elsa Hosk

Story via Yahoo!

Rock Star Raises Daughter Right

When a wealthy rock star marries a cutie actress, you know their prodigy will be haf – such is the case with Ava Sambora, daughter of Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and California Girl Heather Locklear, who just turned 23. Sambora Sr. recently “left” Bon Jovi (until the residual checks stop) to raise his little princess, and God bless him for it.

Bc a quick look at Ava says Dad made the right decision – we’d hang onto that like a novice parachutist to the wing of an airplane.

It’s easy to be cynical here, but if there’s anyone who knows the pitfalls of a rock/Hollywood lifestyle its Sambora – how many other celebrity children have descended into a haze of drugs and Bad Boys and talent-thin pop songs (as chronicled on these pages). Sambora and Locklear only have to look at the trainwrecks of Paris Jackson and Nichole Richie (no relation!) to understand where their little girl could be headed, given the right mix of coke and money and sycophants.

None of this blessing is meant to discourage us from oogling Ava in the most wholesome way possible – bc jfc, she’s a smoking doll. We truly wish Ava a life of happiness, health, and love – also, please continue to wear lace bikinis.

Story via DAILY MAIL