Victoria’s Secret Needs Our Support

I’ve always said to my buds that our #1 goal in life sb front-row seats at the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show – like Maroon 5 close – because it’s legal, karmically safe, and catered. Your gf can’t complain if you went to the show in New York – hell you could bring your grandma. You can eyeball the most beautiful women in the world without judgment – its the closest thing to legalized prostitution outside of Nevada.

So we all need to do our part to support their parent company, L Brands, who just laid-off 850 peeps due to the Stupid Virus. Maybe your girl doesn’t wear Victoria’s Secret – or worse, your mother does – but there’s no way Men should allow this bastion of mackable young women to lose its way.

Any organization that has a vested interest in lifting and pointing young breasts, and encouraging women of all colors to wear pink lace like the hunnies on those Photoshopped billboards at the mall – well, I wouldn’t want to lose that slice of heaven. Buy something in a large size to leave around your apartment, and when your Tinder hookup is slinking out she’ll feel skinny by comparison. Spread the love.

Story Via CNBC

Here are some recent Victoria’s Secret catalog pics featuring Kelsey Merritt, Rommee Strijd, Barbara Palvin and Taylor Hill!

WNBA Returns as Players Opt-Out

Sports fans and feminists may be surprised to hear that the WNBA has restarted, and in-between tweeting they’ve actually shot a few hoops. Ratings are “way up” – 540,000 viewers opening day – they only need to sextuple that (!) to reach the lowest ratings for an NBA game. (stats via SPORTSMEDIAWATCH

Headlines show players being underpaid, kneeling or walking off the court while certain songs are playing, or outright not showing-up; which would get more Big Media Outrage if anyone actually watched the games. There’s just not enough scratch from the NBA, ESPN, or advertisers for anyone to care about this dumpster fire.

The WNBA’s transition from competitive sport to social justice forum has been escalated by the Stupid Virus, and owners and broadcast partners aren’t cashing the cheques like they hoped. When the NBA resumes Thursday, expect sports fans of all genders (even those without) to go back to ignoring this noble undertaking.

Story Via ESPN

Here are some pics of Candace Parker a WNBA Player who got nude for the 2012 ESPN Body Issue, because why not!

TikTok Banning Could be Coming Sooner!

In the future, when Verizon hands you your iPhone – the new one you lined up for so you can get alerts on where to protest heartless US companies like Apple and Verizon – they’ll ask “who do you want spying on you, Russia, China or US?”

Because the latest app that chronicles the most intimate parts of your life (who knew?) is TikTok, a video-sharing service with servers in China where GenY shows off zippy dance moves. India, the world’s largest democracy, just realized they share more than a border with the world’s largest government-sponsored digital spy agency (sorry Russia – keep trying!!), and decided they don’t want IP-stealing communists sniffing around their kid’s IG.

Indian’s ban on TikTok has upset many self-ordained Influencers, who fail to realize there’s a cost to hosting a free service so you can sell third-world makeup. The US is considering a similar ban, as part of the West’s “we don’t want China taking over the world just yet” initiative.

These social peaches fear their fans won’t migrate with them to whatever replaces TikTok (is Vine still dead?), after all the work they did to pry them from the Kardashian machine. Compare it to Facebook – one is unrelenting social time-suck driven by a merciless foreign entity striving to control the planet, and the other is … NVM.

Story via FORBES

More importantly, TikTok star Daisy Keech in a bikini!

Deputy Sheriff Shaq Saves the Day

This happened about a week ago but still a great story!

Shaq is often described as a Gentle Giant, which is a lazy journalist’s way to avoid more urban terms – would you call Simone Biles an Angry Midget? Diesel got into the news cycle this week by helping a mortal citizen in Florida, as Big Media likes to spread some Good News around to capture what eyeballs aren’t going to “Some Are Outaged at …” clickbait.

Stories of a millionaire helping the little man (pun!) make us all feel better, but this isn’t Shaq’s first time working for free. Sure he can’t hit foul shots, decided Kobe’s funeral was a good time to play cute, and you can’t watch broadcast TV without Shaq shilling cars or back-pain or some boomer crap.

But Shaquille has strived to do the right thing off the court, helping inner-city kids, donating to Fort McMurray fire survivors, and actually practicing law enforcement instead of ripping it. He also hoisted Gronk at some Vegas party in the largest stacking of men since the Easter Island statues were erected. Shaq seems to be fond of wearing the cap of a Good Man.

Maybe it’s easy for millionaires to be generous, but you don’t see Jeff Bezos helping some longshoreman change a tire on I-5.

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Ray Fisher vs Joss Whedon

Stand up and fight the power, plucky young actor! Minor leaguer Ray Fisher – you know, that actor from “True Detective” and probably something else – is doubling-down on his insults of mega director Joss Whedon, who dared tell him what to do on the set of “Justice League” after helming 2 successful “Avengers” movies.

Fisher must have seen something on CNN about oppression and people getting killed in Chicago, and figured if anyone deserved a slice of that outage its a level 3 New York actor. He seems to misunderstand the power structure in Hollywood and is mistaking truth for justice – is anyone really shocked that a major director is an asshat and manipulator?

Whedon is also rumored to be man-whore and couch-casting director, but there’s only 2 ways you pluck that much flower in Hollywood – either you have major dap, or you’re Leo (or have a cabin on his yacht). If James Cameron or Christopher Nolan walks to the front office of Paramount Studios and stabs the receptionist with a pen, you bet the executives would rush to make sure he’s okay.

Pouting about getting cut from your big break isn’t going to get you any juice in Hollywood, no matter how many fanboys you have on Twitter. Who do you think is going to win this battle – the actor playing the most disposable part in a reviled movie, or the man who banked $2.9 billion for Disney?

Story via Variety

50 Cent Calls Instagrammer a Retard!

I am from the school of thought that doesn’t get offended by the word retard. In the word retard being offensive’s defence, I also don’t have any close friends or family who are disabled / handicapped, or any of that, so maybe I am insensitive.

I did recently watch the Shia LeBeef movie “Peanut Butter Falcon” about a Downs Syndrome Person who escapes the old folks home they placed him in to go to some sort of Wrestling school and they called him a retard throughout the movie and I felt for the kid, however, calling an idiot acting like a retard a retard or calling something that is retarded retarded should be fair game.

We know what you mean when people say “retarded”, but since the world is overly offended it’s always funny to see someone in the public eye, like 50 Cent calls some instagram girl named “BabyChynese” which could be an offensive name in and of itself, doing her best Belle Delphine Ahegao.

For those of you who don’t know, Ahegao is a term in Japanese pornography for an exaggerated facial expression of characters during sex, typically with rolling or crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and slightly reddened face, to show enjoyment. The style is often used in erotic manga, anime, and video games. Who am I kidding, of course you all know!

But girls of the internet roll their eyes back, drool on themselves and 50 cent finds the whole thing retarded.

look at this pretty little retard, WTF kinda new drugs y’all taking

Clearly confusing the weird art of Ahegao for retardation, it happens!

Kanye Gone Crazy Debunked!

I am the first person to not give a shit about the whole Kanye thing. I’m talking Kanye in general, not specifically about his recent “outburts” on twitter that everyone is blowing off as a mental health issue. That’s not to say that I dont have a level of respect his marketing abilities and manipulation tactics that got him where he got, it’s just to say that I am not a Kanye fan, I hate all things Kardashian. Obviously.

I came across this video on social media, the devil’s platform, which basically debunked all the celebrities that are trying to discount Kanye as being crazy. From his bid to run for president, to his twitter rants about how Kris Jenner plans to exploit his children, because she does and then the whole Harriet Tubman quote that went viral because the media only shared a snippet of what he said, which was that she freed the slaves to be slaves for white people, without finishing his thought, which was that everyone the Black people are making money for are white owned companies. Modern Slavery, only they are well paid. Just ask Kanye.

I thought it was interesting enough to share this twink’s opinion, or analysis because the media man, they’re brainwashing you to believe what they tell you and to consume what they tell you to consume. That’s what being WOKE should be about, not that other nonsense that isn’t even WOKE at all.

To this guy’s point, someone quoted some survey or poll results about TRUMP the other day, when trying to argue me on shit I don’t care about, so to make my point I googled the poll and they had only asked 1000 people at the specific college and used that data as if it was national fact, that 80% of people hated TRUMP for whatever reason. 1000 college kids from a specific college are not a proper sample to say with confidence that their study represents basically anything. Sure not really anything to do with Kanye, but the news media definitely fucking lie.

Today in Racist Sports Team Names!

July 22, 2020 | SPORTS | Tex Hollywood |

This week’s derogatory term is “Eskimo” – as in Edmonton Eskimos, a Canadian Football League team that is suddenly the target of slings and arrows and seal-hunting spears.

There is no end to virtual-signaling by renaming professional sports teams. Sure the Cleveland Indians logo was stupid, in a Bugs Bunny skew, but when did it become insulting to call people from southeast Asia “Indians”? The NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks have to regularly remind the woke that their team is named to honor a Native American leader and subsequent WW1 battalion (if you believe their spin).

Once the racist names have been purged and we all sleep better in our gated communities, we need to brace for more professional outrage – e.g. the Jets (war-mongering), Rangers (police fascism), Thunder (climate change), etc.  The Buffalo Bills would be scoped if anyone actually cared about them.

The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors accidentally got it right – let’s make sure sports teams are non-threatening and everyone gets a trophy for participating.

Story via CBS


Is Epstein to Blame for Maxwell’s Involvement?

July 21, 2020 | News | Media Man |

You can hear the anti-men warriors struggling to spin the story of Ghislaine Maxell, Jeffrey Epstein’s fallen arranger; and although Big Media is enjoying a second helping of salacious click-bait, they too need a PC angle. Was Maxwell just a one-in-a-million female aberration? Was she manipulated, or mentally ill? Maybe the Clinton-Industrial complex held sway over her, and was she forced into bad choices in a sea of money and Evil Men.

Or perhaps she’s an unredeemable mf like Epstein, as nihilistic and uncaring about the abuse and disposal of young women as he. Men everywhere rejoiced when this above-the-law pervert was arrested and took the short way out, and soon we’ll see how culpable Maxwell is on taking the same path. Her pending incarceration doesn’t fit the feminista mythos of the all-controlling Patriarchy, and many excuses will be made via blogs and Hollywood apologists.

Maybe there’s more to the story of Maxwell, Epstein, jet-fueled princes, and big-ticket prostitution – or maybe she’s simply a giant bitch.

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Amber Heard is Expensive!

July 19, 2020 | Courtroom | Tex Hollywood |

The portrait of Amber Heard as “talentless” coochie is fake news – in fact, she may have the most expensive vagina in the world. You’ve got to have talent to pull down the wide range of producers, directors, actors she has, including megalomaniac Elon Musk WHILE she was straining the sheets with Johnny Depp. There’s alotta market capitalization on her resume – surely Leo and Richard Branson have been offered her consulting services at one time

But these connections won’t stop the nihilistic witch from getting spanked in court – even if her lawyers come to the shocking conclusion that Depp can be callous and effeminate. If you play the spousal abuse victim card when there’s this much money on the table, the other players are gonna get their cut before the makeup bruises have dried.

In the end Heard will keep her money and Hollywood roles, and surely has her next wealthy target on DM. Keep digging, hot blond starlet – happiness is only a Gulfstream flight away!

Johnny Depp claims to have lost 650 million dollars because of her in their ongoing trial, which may make her the first official billion dollar booty!

Amber Heard

Amber Heard