Kim Kardashian Perpetuates Fake News!

So we all know that Kim Kardashian is Fake News. That her sex tape was staged in collaboration with VIVID and the whole getting relevant on social media through their reality show was all brainwashing and designed. Well executed, sure, but she’s still a full of shit idiot.

It shouldn’t be a surprise since everything about her, even her ass that she used to get famous is fake.

The fact that the Kardashians are still a thing is beyond me, I mean you’d think the mainstream would finally realize they are idolizing and buying into garbage, like literal garbage.

Kim Kardashian is taking online law classes to follow her dad in becoming a Lawyer, so that she can continue her quest of freeing or bringing attention to wrongfully convicted criminals. An honorable way to continue to monetize her personal brand. You know, pretend you have purpose.

Yesterday, she signed a PODCAST agreement with Spotify, that I didn’t bother googling, because I block out Kardashian news, but that I am sure is very lucrative. The Podcast is going to probably tie into stories of the wrongfully convicted, to continue running with what I guess is working for them according to the metrics of their marketing agency that runs all their brand deals.

Today, I saw that People Magazine and KIM K reposted a story about a mom named Tanya McDowell who got 5 years for falsifying her address to get her kid in a better school. You know, pull on my heart strings like they were Ray Jay’s dick before you got real famous.

There’s even memes going around comparing this Tanya McDowell lady to Felicity Huffman, who got 14 days in her falsification of documents to get her kid in school.

This meme is going VIRAL, I mean KIM K even posted it which means so will everyone else, blindly assuming it is real because KIM K must VET her stories to make sure they are right, I mean she’s in Law School right?

I guess the angle is that a Black Woman is not being treated the same as a Rich and Famous celebrity, which for the record applies to all of us, no matter what our color is. Celebrities get away with murder, it’s a perk of being a celebrity, but in this climate, full of rage, it’s easy to spin the story in that direction.

According to SNOPES and some other lawyers I follow on social media, she actually got the time for selling drugs and soliciting prostitutes to undercover cops.

The school thing was an added charge:


McDowell in 2012 received five years in state prison in Connecticut in a plea agreement reached with prosecutors over numerous charges, one of which included felony larceny. The larceny charge resulted from sending her son to a school district in which she did not not live, and it drew a public outcry. But she was arrested again, after the school incident, on charges that she offered drugs and prostitutes to undercover police officers. Her attorney, Darnell Crosland, argued at the time that he believed police had entrapped McDowell in retaliation for the public support she received in the school case, but prosecutors stated police were following up on a complaint that McDowell was dealing drugs on the street.

In all, McDowell faced seven counts for the school incident and drug charges, which were resolved together with a plea deal in which she was sentenced to a total of five years behind bars, five years’ probation, and a 12-year suspended sentence. McDowell, unlike Huffman, also had a criminal record: a previous conviction for bank robbery and for having a weapon in a vehicle. McDowell’s record may have influenced her sentencing: “A person’s prior criminal history is taken into consideration in determining any subsequent plea agreement and the corresponding sentence,” Mark Dupuis, spokesman for the Connecticut state division of criminal justice told us in an email.


What it comes down to is she was a drug dealer, entrapment or not, so don’t believe anything a Kardashian says about anything and don’t get your news from a meme.

It’s not a black or white, rich or poor thing, it’s just being made out that way because #Clickbait.

Amber Heard is a Racist

News flash, Amber Heard is still a loser!

If you’ve been keeping up with the whole Johnny Depp/Amber Heard court battle you probably heard about model Cara Delevingne getting roped in on the action after she allegedly had a threesome with Amber and Elon Musk, after Amber left Johnny but was still living in his apartment, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t even want to imagine what that apartment smelled like the night those 3 were there…

In an effort to take the attention away from everyone freaking out about that, Amber went out and pretended to rally in protests for Black Lives Matter. Apparently the photo she posted of her crying beside a police officer was staged, I mean she is an actress after all so I’m sure she knows how to fake cry. Apparently she popped in to take the pic and then went back onto Instagram and rush-followed 30 Black Lives Matter accounts, which she probably put on mute right away. Also take note of her fingers up her nose with her mask down, where is Corona when you actually need it!?

Amber Heard Racist

Here is her caption:
Amber Heard Racist

She’s getting called out for not only faking her support of the movement but for being an actual racist herself. Someone pulled an email she sent of a homeless man with what they say is a racist caption in the subject line.
Amber Heard Racist

There is also this old tweet from her back in 2018:
Amber Heard Racist

She also apparently named one of her dogs Hadya which is an arabic name, she then called him a “little terrorist” on film.
Amber Heard Racist

I don’t even need proof of Amber being a racist to hate her, she’s made it very clear that she’s an absolute scumbag.
Let’s go Johnny, take her DOWN!

Halsey Using her Black Card

Halsey has been protesting for Black Lives Matter, she brought her little social justice afro out to raise her fist and again confirm her “blackness”.

Halsey’s mother is white and her dad is half black, so she identifies as black even though she has always been a white girl by anyone who doesn’t know her, which is means that she has not had to deal with ANY of the black lives matter issues that darker skinned black people have to face. Sure, she’s a few degrees closer and has black family, but it’s all such a convenient time for her to point at herself saying “look at me, I’m black”.

I think using the black card, even if it’s reality, is some self serving, typical celebrity bullshit.


just want to take a minute to say how proud I am of my little brother @sevianfrangipane for finding his voice and being out protesting every single day. keep your family close right now if you’re lucky enough to have them to rely on. if you are NON-BLACK and: married to a black person, the parent of a black child, or the child of a black parent, or any other interfamilial relationship with a black person, then this is a time to let them talk when they feel like talking. listen and listen with love. Don’t assume they aren’t upset because they haven’t expressed issues or traumas in the past. A lot of repressed feelings and memories may be uncovered right now. Receive it with grace empathy and promise to learn or change where need be. ? With Love.


We aren’t here to argue or tell people what they should identify as, or what their heritage is. If she identifies as black, fine. We are just saying that she has passed herself off as white, only to decide it was a good angle to play her black card, like it was the gift she forget she was carrying in her back pocket like a “Get out of jail free card”.

So if you pass yourself off as white, until it is convenient to be black, it sounds pretty racist if you ask me.

On top of that, every time she pushes her black agenda, she goes out there and dyes her hair, maybe perms in and fights the good fight because she can which you could argue is her in black face, even if she’s black.

Basically, black or not, she’s full of shit.

This meme sums it all up:

You Thought They Couldn’t Get Dumber?

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender is not smart. Not smart at all. Maybe that’s why that place is in flames right now? The people elect idiots that enact idiotic policies that end in idiotic deaths that created idiotic riots. Vicious cycle.

Lisa joined Alisyn Camerota on CNN to talk about dismantling the police force, which is a great idea. I love it when one person from a group does something awful so you condemn and vilify the entire group that person was associated with. I know there’s a word for that, it’s just slipping my mind at the moment. Anyway, when asked how the people she governs are supposed to report a crime in progress like a home invasion, without a police department, Lisa had this genius response:

“Yes, I mean, and I hear that loud and clear from several of my neighbors, and I know, and myself too, and I know that comes from a place of privilege.”

See what I mean? Brilliant. It’s almost as if the people that pay taxes to have a police force, also get to use said police force. How messed up is that? We can never forget that some people with homes that can be broken into don’t have phones or fingers to dial 9-1-1. Only the privileged can afford those things. Stupid fingers. Just because you can dial a number, and I can dial a number, and the service is available to anyone, does not make you better than me!

Tyler Durden

He Gives Zero

I’m just discovering who Laurence Fox is. English actor, singer-songwriter and guitarist. He was also married to Billie Piper, whoever the fuck that is. I guess he’s been pretty famous in England for a while, but for all the right reasons. Lately however, he’s been getting into some “trouble”.

Laurence has been on a tear as of late. He’s said he had to break up with a girl friend because she was “Too Woke”, basically told Megan Markel to “Shut up Karen”, and has stated that the whole “everything is racist” thing is getting very boring. The guy just doesn’t give a fuck, and I personally love it.

Recently, during the idiotic ‘Blackout Tuesday’ stunt on Instagram, Laurence had a bit more to say. Just a bit. You guessed it. It too was hilarious.

‘Instagram seems to be broken.’

I. Fucking. Love. This. Guy.

Oh course he’s facing backlash because ‘muh feelings’, but I highly doubt he gives two fucks. Here are a few of the nimrod’s responses:

1. Yes. Yes he can.
2. No. No they aren’t.

This society of brainwashed jerkoffs that still think the internet is real life blows my mind to this day. Don’t let it happen to you kids. In a world full of useless social justice warriors, be a Laurence Fox.

Tyler Durden

I Bet He Won’t Do That Again

June 3, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden |

A 24 year old man tried to use explosives to break into an ATM in Philadelphia. It did not end well.

The man was thrown back by the explosion and suffered traumatic injuries to his upper body and face. He was rushed to the hospital where he later died. Police said live explosives were found and none of the ones detonated were able to get thru the armored area the money is stored in.

Super Genius,
Tyler Durden



June 3, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden |

Who knew that all Malcolm and Martin needed to end racism and injustice in this country were a few hundred thousand people sitting in chairs looking at black screens? No one even had to write a congressman or boycott a business. All those meetings Dr.King had with LBJ were just a waste of time. Black screens. That’s the way to bring everyone together. Does this mean white people can use the N-word now?

God I hate Humans,
Tyler Durden



June 1, 2020 | Uncategorized | Tyler Durden |

Want to hear something FUCKED UP?

Whenever a black person dies, statistically, the survival rate of all other black people rises.

Did that upset you?

Well…go fuck your mothers mouth.

Tyler Durden



I. Just. Can’t. Care.

June 1, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden |

Apparently America is burning and I could give a negative shit.

I got VERY drunk last night and did butt stuff with my girl, so I’m good. Woke up in my backyard naked.

Reminds me of this Patrice O’Neal bit:

That’s all I got for today. Go fuck you mother.
Tyler Durden