Jane Lucier is Your Quarantine Cutie

Quarantine Cutie Jane Lucier MFC

Today’s QUARANTINE CUTIE is Jane Lucier and together with 1000s of other girls they are bringing you the FIRE during this QUARANTINE that keeps you warm and cozy in these dark times. ON THIS SITE .

They can take away your freedoms, your livelihood and make decisions that directly impact your entire existence, but they can’t take away hot girls streaming amazing and entertaining content until they decide the internet is the cause of COVID and it needs to be shut down. That is when you’ll see real chaos, people will be angrier that their social medias are all turned off than they are week 8 of staying in the house because everything is closed!!

Staying in the house is the right thing to do, relax, catch up on sleep, read…I’m not one of those protest the quarantine people, it is just a WEIRD series of events that make little or no sense to me or anyone I know and that’s ok. What I am is a keep yourself entertained, there’s lots of entertainment out there, and lots of options which is why we celebrate girls who are celebs in their own right, doing the good work of livestreams!!!

So on your media tour get lost in MY FREE CAMS . It’s a fun, engaging and exciting thing to do. So get on it, but before you do…CHECK OUT THIS BABE!

She Is Not Pleased

I feel bad for Rose McGowan. She was beautiful, in popular movies and television shows, then got raped by Weinstien and was in a horrible car crash that fucked her face all up. She looks like Rose McGowan’s mom that’s still trying to keep it together now. Worst of all, she use to fuck Marilyn Manson. That’s some rough shit to go thru. I guess it all made her stronger though, because she’s taking on all comers. From the DNC and Joe “I don’t know where I am” Biden, to her former co-stars and #MeToo founders. Hell, she’s actually agreeing with some people that…you just don’t agree with if you want a Hollywood career. She is coming for heads, and it is very entertaining.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think she’s a new age, crystal sucking weirdo, but we all got to have our quirks. I just dig anyone that can call out hypocrisy and never wane in their beliefs. She has honestly yet to falter in her crusade, and whether you believe in it too or not, ya gotta respect that. Don’t you?

Righteously Yours,
Tyler Durden

I’d Listen To Ironman

Elon Musk, the closest thing we have to a real life Anthony Stark, is done. He’s had it with the quarantine, the closed economy, and the “social distancing”. He’s ready to get back to work and get the rest of us back as well. Of course the ‘Elites’ are furious over this, but when you’re a self made billionaire, you kinda just do and say what you want.

Of course the media and the politicians are trashing the guy for this. Calling him everything from “America’s dumbest smart guy” to an out right liar. The thing about being the smartest man in the room, let alone the planet, is that you always seem to be able to prove the laymen wrong. If a guy tells me he’s gonna build a spaceship that can take off and land in the exact same spot, or shoot a car to mars and then does it, I’m gonna put my money one him. I’m all in. I mean, have you seen is god damned space suits!?!

Why in the world did CNN think they could take this guy on? Did they not see the congressional hearing scene in Iron Man 2? Did they forget that Elon was actually IN Iron Man 2? Probably not, because they came after him and were quickly obliterated.

They never stood a chance.

Always Free,
Tyler Durden

GingerMFC is Your Quarantine Cutie

April 27, 2020 | Features | Shot Dunyun |

Quarantine Cutie GingerMFC

GINGER MFC is Today’s Quarantine Cutie, who you can find over at THIS WEBSITE.

What I love about Ginger is her million dollar smile and I’m not talking about her self proclaimed squirt fest! That is a whole different kind of smile. She seems like so many other girls to just be a genuine good time, enjoying herself, being her own boss, running her own show. That’s what makes most of these Quarantine Cuties so great. They are basically living their best lives, in dark times and in all times. That energy can really rub off on you in the right may and it may be just the PICK me up you need right now.

I suggest you spend your Quarantine, or really your any night of the week, any time of year, with or without pandemics, at THIS WEBSITE ….which is like Netflix if it was LIVE and filled with hot girls being naughty and fun!! Like GINGER likes having temporary tattoo shows where you choose what tattoos she puts on. You know interactive things like that. Perfect for these times!

Like Ginger and so many other girls over at MY FREE CAMS .


Can I Be Crazy Too?

Kanye West has come under fire for the last few years due to his infinite amount of “No fucks to give”. Whether it be supporting the President, calling out Obama, or telling Taylor Swift she sucks, the man does and says what he want. I’ve got a feeling it’s only going to get better, because “Yeezy” is now a fucking billionaire.

Forbes recently stated that MR.WEST (yes, you yell it) has a net worth of 1.26 billion, but of course, Kanye says that’s bullshit:

‘It’s not a billion, It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.’

Forbes can’t count. You gotta love this guy. Not only has he gone from being evicted from his apartment to a billionaire, he’s also the only man in history to actually turn a hoe into a housewife. A church going housewife at that. I guess the moral of the story is do what you want, fuck the haters, and believe in Jesus? 2020 is a weird year, I’m telling ya.

Always Stunned,
Tyler Durden

Amber Jade is Your Quarantine Cutie

April 24, 2020 | Features | Shot Dunyun |

Quarantine Cutie Amber Jade 4Quarantine Cutie Amber Jade

Amber Jade is today’s Quarantine Cutie because she looks like someone you’d want to be locked down with. She’s got the goods you need to be kept you satisfied!

Not that that is going to happen, but fantasy is almost as good as reality. Thanks to girls like Amber Jade and many other Free Cam Girls…the fantasies are being brought! They are delivering serious entertainment in times when we need it most!!

There is something for everyone!

Quarantine Cutie Amber Jade 4


I Would Too

Look. Sometimes you have to write a “who gives a shit” story when doing a site like this. This will be one of those stories. Why don’t I give a shit? Because it happened 800 years ago and I could give a fuck about baseball or old dead ladies. What I do enjoy is having sex while highly inebriated, so the story of some guy named Mickey Mantle throwing up on Angie Dickinson while they were fucking is hilarious.

Ben Widdicombe, the author of the upcoming book Gatecrasher, says an editor for a newspaper told him the story, which makes it weird that you would put it into a book. A guy that knows a guy that knew Mantel told you so you print it? Journalism is dead.

‘That sofa you’re sitting on right now… Mickey Mantle sat on that very sofa and told me how he once went on a date with Angie Dickinson, took her home, and was so drunk that he threw up while he was [performing a sex act on her],’ Widdicombe was reportedly told by the editor.”

Cool story bro. The only reason I think it might be true is because I would both fuck and throw up on Angie Dickinson. She’s what we would call on our scale of 1-20 a 13. She’s a beautiful ugly chick. She always looks old for some reason. Even in her 20’s she look 40. She’s so decrepit looking, that I was shocked to find out that she’s actually still alive. I hate hearing old men say they had a crunch on her when they were young. I just want to ask why. Weren’t there other starlets for them to pick from. They say no. Then they cry.

Anyway, I find it appalling that after hearing this amazing, possibly made-up tale, Widdicombe didn’t ask the most important question of all: Did Mantle cum?

Still Drunk,
Tyler Durden

Asiri Ocean is Today’s Quarantine Cutie!

April 23, 2020 | Photos | WWTDD |

Today’s Quarantine Cutie who is out there working the frontlines of they webcams to bring all of us entertainment in these dark times is Asiri Ocean !

The reason I chose her over the 1000s of other girls is because she’s a girl next door type, who has a ridiculous upper body. I figure it’s nice to mix things up because every day girls are working on these sites to entertain you!

I am sure some of you are bored, fed up, convinced you’re dealing with lies and fake news. While some of you are missing that human connection, the no socializing is killing you and watching Netflix isn’t really satisfying any of those urges. While I am here loving my nights on THIS SITE , where you can watch 1000s of girls play their own TV Host, in ways Oprah never would, not that you’d want Oprah to, but think what you wish Talk Shows did while you were growing up, but that you don’t need to wish because it happens!

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The Devil Makes Sense?

April 23, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden |

Anna Wintour spells here last name like a 4 year old would. She also has been the Editor in chief of Vogue magazine for a thousand years. She’s the matriarch of the so called fashion industry. The Devil Wears Prada is very much based on her and her life. She’s the go to girl for “whats hot and whats not”, and she’s saying it’s all bullshit. Now that the whole world is broke and dying, Wintour says that people will not give a shit about the latest fall line or the hot new designer from now on. God I hope she’s right.

“I feel very strongly that when we come out at the other end – which we will do – that people’s values are really going to have shifted. She added “I think it’s an opportunity for all of us to look at our industry and to look at our lives, and to rethink our values, and to really think about the waste, and the amount of money, and consumption, and excess – and I obviously include myself in this – that we have all indulged in and how we really need to rethink what this industry stands for.’

Well that…actually makes sense. She’s not supposed to make sense. She’s a world famous multi-millionaire, and a woman! Those things and logic are never supposed to meet. Oh,what? You think that ‘woman’ jab what me being sexist? Shut up you dumb broad.

Still Here,
Tyler Durden


Ivy__ is Your Quarantine Cutie

SO MANY BABES /a> and killing it during these Quarantine times.

She is out there starring in her own live shows, keeping the audience engaged and entertained in ways that are far better than any cable access show you’ve seen.

The true heroes in this crisis are those who can persevere above the crisis, find opportunity in the crisis, and entertain and support those who are struggling through the crisis, whether through boredom or lack of ladies in their life.

It really is a great world that we live in, where girls like this have access to show off their talents for a bunch of guys like us!

For more of Ivy__ and or 1000s of other girls like her doing amazing work in these dark times!