Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas are Dating

March 9, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

Academy Award winning actor Ben Affleck and the new Bond girl Ana de Armas are apparently dating. The two have been working on an erotic thriller together and are currently down in the actresses home country, Cuba and were seen in some photos “getting close”. There are even photos from back in November of them sharing drinks which means they’ve probably sucked each others dicks prior to that point. So they’re dating or sleeping together at least, Ben washed-up Affleck scored the newest Hollywood IT girl.

Ben Affleck Ana de Armas Dating Cuba Tattoo

If he can get that shitty back tattoo and still land a chick as hot as Ana there is hope for us all. Unless of course Ana de Armas us just using him for whatever she can to get further ahead as this new “it” girl and get rid of him when they wrap filming. I mean, were talking about her right?

Ben Affleck Ana de Armas Dating CubaBen Affleck Ana de Armas Dating Cuba

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Bradley Cooper to Play Barry Gibb in Bee Gees Biopic

March 6, 2020 | movies | Shot Dunyun |

Anthony McCarten is the writer who put together the epic Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody which brought us Ramy Malek as Freddie Mercury, he also brought us the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything. McCarten is now working on a Bee Gees movie and apparently Bradley Cooper is set to star as Barry Gibb.

With Barry being the last surviving member of the band which was made up of brothers Maurice and Robin, I assume Barry must have some approval over who plays him if hes involved at all in the film. Not much is known yet about the movie or release but we did get to hear Cooper’s singing voice in his remake of A Star is Born with Lady Gaga (which was actually the worst version of all 3 if you ask me) so it will be interesting to see if he can hit the right notes as Gibb.

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Quentin Tarantino’s Dream Party

March 6, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

W Magazine got all the stars of Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood together for what they call Quentin Tarantino’s Dream Party. The guests include Margaret Qualley who played Pusycat in the film, Mikey Madison as Sadie, Kurt Russell as Randy Miller, Madisen Beaty as Katie, Harley Quinn Smith as Froggie, James Landry Hébert as Clem, Rainsford as Starling (Which is Margaret’s sister Rainey Qualley btw), Adonis Bosso as Fred and Ebonee Davis as Chrissy.

The whole team got together along with Director Tarantino to shoot some photos of what looks like an amazing party. The two people missing from the shoot are the stars of the film, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio who played Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth respectively. Looks like a party we all want to be invited to, I mean, if Harley Quinn Smith left first.

Quentin Tarantino Dream PartyQuentin Tarantino Dream Party


Vogue Italia Mistakenly Calls Bella Hadid “A Natural”

Fake news lives everywhere. It’s a catch phrase that seems to be played out, but people on my social media are still out there using things they’ve read on a meme as if it was actual scientific fact. It’s just human nature to be lazy minded, to believe what we are told, because the media has trained us to be this way. They don’t want us to have our own opinion, they want us to repurpose whatever narrative they give us. Many people (most people) are walking televisions, that just repeat the bullshit being spread from the media and they don’t even realize it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bella Hadid’s team put this in her “rider” or in a clause that if they want her superstardom to craze the pages of their off-shoot Vogue magazine, they need to stick to her agenda that she is “A NATURAL”. I originally read it as “all natural” which would have been worse, but natural and Hadid in the same sentence is subliminal mind control.

Anyone with a brain, or the ability to google Bella Hadid, whether you find her hot or not, will know that she’s definitely NOT All Natural in any WAY.

She is rather some manufactured and contrived personality that happened because her parents paid for it, because her sister paved the way for it, and because the industry sucks up and perpetuates the nonsense that is “fashion” because they are a bunch of groupies trying to sell product.

But Vogue Italia is saying:

I just don’t see how the “it girl” being called “A Natural” is great marketing for the kids that are following her and that aspire to be her, because kids don’t know better and being a rich kid model living that life of fashion until getting the Corona Virus, is a dream. All her glamour, travel, hotels, famous friends, praise…it’s what the kids want.

So we’re here dealing with people yelling about unrealistic body images on models of the past, when those models were actually their own natural self, but now provide misinformation like “Bella Hadid is A Natural” when she’s got enough face injections to extract and build out a pair of CROCS with. Crocs were the only plastic thing I could think of.

She’s gets her cheek fat sucked out of her, fillers injected in her, 90 percent chance the tits aren’t real, 100 percent chance the nose isn’t real.

In fact, she was an ugly duckling her whole life, making this an even bigger joke!!

All this to say, don’t believe everything you read, everyone’s a fucking suck-up liar, and no one calls out any of these people for their shit, for fear of backlash maybe? To be surrounded by “kindness” when still being shit people, but pretending to be only kind, seems to be the trend, and trends is something Vogue Italia is supposed to know best.

All this to say “Natural” and “Hadid” should never be used in the same sentence.

The Nickelodeon Foot Fetish Gate

Dan Schneider is a TV producer who was responsible for creating Nickelodeon shows like The Amanda Show with Amanda Bynes, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious and it’s spin off with Ariana Grande called Sam & Cat. Dude has made Nick a ton of money over the years because for some reason, all these shows were massive hits.

In 2018 Nickelodeon announced that it would not be extending their production deal with Schneider, which was around the same time gross allegations started coming out against Dan. The fact that Nick cut ties with him seemed to confirm the allegations. Over the years people have been digging up dirt on this guy and as it turns out there were a TON of foot fetish-esq instances throughout all his TV shows. On top of that, he would post photos of the young actresses feet on his social media pages, right up until he was fired which was when he deleted all the creepy tweets he had up. He deleted over over 14,000 tweets in total, all having the words “kids” “child” “toes” and “feet” in them.

At one point Dan used the official Sam & Cat twitter account to crowdsource foot porn from fans, having girls sent in photos of their feet with “Sam & Cat” written on it. I’m starting to wonder if he made Ariana Grande put her foot in his ass at this point.

There was also a rumour that he fathered Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter, which is probably insane and I can’t tell by looking at the photos but it’s out there! In 2007 Jamie got pregnant at 16 years old while starring on Zoey 101 – right before she announced her pregnancy and new boyfriend (Casey Aldridge) there were multiple blind items popping up on the internet talking about a 16 year old Nick star who got pregnant by a producer and how the brand was gearing up to find a PR boyfriend for her to start the cover-up. I know this is insane but I still don’t doubt it?

At one time anonymous source came out and said that she auditioned for Dan back when she was 13 and was asked to take her shoes off, run around barefoot and talk about how much she loves being barefoot. What! If this is true, that means the entire audition process for a Nickelodeon show was based on feet!

There are a ton of photos of Dan with young actresses in super creepy situations which doesn’t help his case, I mean the guy just LOOKS like a creep. On top of all the weird Nick foot stuff, Amanda BYNES famously tweeted the below during her mental breakdown phase:

And lastly, one of Dan’s actress Jennette McCurdy, the girl who played opposite Ariana Grande on Sam & Cat made some really strange Vine videos back in the day addressed to Dan, nobody really knows what they were about but they are weird.. Swipe thought the gallery to see some of the deleted tweets and examples of the feet content on his shows.

So is Dan a pedophile or just a fucking loser?

Amanda Bynes Still Wants Drake to Murder her Vagina

March 4, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

Amanda Bynes famously tweeted the tweet below at the height of her mental breakdown a few years ago. After which she also called Drake ugly on twitter and said he looked like he had down syndrome.

Well now that she’s out of the multiple rehabs and various half way houses, her and her face tattoos have paid more homage to the Canadian rapper with her recent Instagram post which was a screenshot from Drakes page and the caption:

“Fav songs out now,” she captioned her photo, which was a screenshot of the rapper taken from his Instagram account. “DRAKE 1. Money in the grave 2. Yes Indeed. RODDY RICCH 1. Ballin 2. High Fashion.”

I feel like we need to start an online petiton to force Drake to take Amanda out on a date before she ties the knot with her fiance Paul. Bynes also posted this video talking about how the paparazzi edits her photos to make her look like she has 16 chins, her video as she says is “about the paparazzi and self worth”.

I’m a huge fan of Amanda’s chaotic energy and will enjoy seeing whats to come next.


“ER” Actress – Vanessa Marquez – Police Shooting Video Released

On August 30th, 2018, South Pasadena police officers, firefighters and one mental health clinician were at “ER” actress Vanessa Marquez’s Fremont Avenue apartment on what started as a welfare check and ended with Officers Gilberto Carrillo and Christopher Perez fatally shooting the actress.

Like 98% of Police shootings, the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office has concluded that two police officers acted in self defense when they shot and killed the actress.

They have just released the disturbing video, at least as far as I’m concerned, I don’t like seeing anyone getting shot, that ends with her being taken out while pointing a gun at the cops as she walked down the stairs outside her apartment. It turned out to be a BB gun.

Clearly, this was a serious mental health episode, her life looked like a real mess because I guess not all TV actors are mentally stable. At one point in the video she asks to be killed, so I guess she got what she wanted.

“Carrillo saw the gun pointed in the direction of the officers and Perez described a situation in which Marquez could have ‘opened fire’ on them in an instant. Both officers, in that moment, actually and reasonably feared for their lives,” according to an 18-page report by the DA’s Justice System Integrity Division. “The circumstances reasonably created in their minds a certain and imminent danger, and their response was justified.”

This obviously could have been prevented, but you can’t blame the cops on this one, if someone walks at you with a gun or a toy gun that looks like a gun, you are left with few options. I mean I like to think she’d be easy to tackle, subdue and lock up, seeing as I’m a dude and she’s a tiny looking girl, but I’m not a trained cop who knows how to properly diffuse tiny mentally unstable women.

Turns out she was a HUGE star wars fan – check out this clip – happier times

Britney Spears Has Found Photoshop

March 2, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

Poor Britney Spears, she’s been doing so good up until she broke her foot and was put back in the hospital to be re-programmed. It looks like she’s been spending her time off on her phone, downloading apps like FaceTune and photoshop. As you can see in her most recent selfies, she’s distorted her face and softened her skin, she’s edited the photos to shit and thinks she look good. They don’t. All the influencers and Instagrammers photoshop their photos into oblivion and I guess Britney is part of that now. Sadly, but also hilarious.

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