CEO of Reddit Says Hates TikTok

I assumed the CEO of Reddit is a big stockholder in both Serena Williams’ penis and all the silicon valley companies. It’s a boy club and they all give each other handjobs / handouts as they sit on their billions of dollars together laughing at us peasants who made some code that took a weekend to write worth billions of dollars. Jokes on us. So I take his opinion on anything with some level of bias,

As it turns out, the CEO of reddit is not the one with Serena Williams deep up inside him, you know because she “had” his kid, but that doesn’t mean he’s not biased.

Unfortunately, I do agree with him on this one though. TikTok is the mechanism to get every phone in America turned into a camera and listening Device for China, who are notorious spies. They figured out that Americans are as simplistic as Amercia’s Got Talent or American Idol, and they just love to sing and dance or watch song and dance. Easy way to win them over, get them to sign on and to track them.

The Reddit CEO and co-founder, Steve Huffman, stated at an event on Wednesday that TikTok was “fundamentally parasitic”

The full quote is:

“Maybe I’m going to regret this, but I can’t even get to that level of thinking with them,” Huffman said. “Because I look at that app as so fundamentally parasitic, that it’s always listening, the fingerprinting technology they use is truly terrifying, and I could not bring myself to install an app like that on my phone.”

“I actively tell people, ‘Don’t install that spyware on your phone,’” he later added.

He’s got a very serious point that I always bring up when talking TikTok, but this generation of kids is so used to being put out there that they don’t care that people are watching their every move. There are actually MEMEs about it.

That said, let me pre-emptively say “HUFFMAN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF”.

I guess he hasn’t been into all the half naked dance videos. He’d rather you be posting your smut to an /r/.

Here are some selects…

Sofia Vergara to Host America’s Got Talent

The Modern Family show is finally over. I know trailer park grannies on their disability check will be really disappointed about that fact, you know since they are the only ones watching Network Television sitcoms like it was still the 80s.

They don’t know them computer things yet. They are also the people buying LeAnn Rimes albums on CD and not because it’s hip and cool to listen to music on tape or CD in this internet age, all the hipsters are into it.

There is no need to fret, Vergara will be still on TV, she’s barely been “off” tv, and I guess after years of struggling to make it, from her early starts as a Colombian single mom who snuck into America, possibly on a raft, to being a huge star.

She’s just signed on as a judge on America’s Got Talent, you know I wonder what she considers her talents to be, since I know what we think her talents are.

So be prepared to more busty broken english that almost seems like a parody that America loves way more than the Mexicans at the local Home Depot looking for odd jobs.

Bella Hadid and The Face she Stole from Carla Bruni

February 28, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

Bella Hadid’s mother Yolanda may have been a pretty big model in her day, but she’s not the face Bella aspired to have. The face she wanted was actually Carla Brun’s, I’m sure she took an old photo of the supermodel to her surgeon and was like “this is it”. Well the two paired up for a photoshoot with fashion designer Riccardo Tisci for Elle France.

Seeing Bella and Carla side by side solidifies the fact that Carla was Bella’s plastic surgery inspiration all this time. Someone aught to trademark Bruni’s face and sue Bella for copyright infringement.

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Did Horse Girl Totally Rip this Indie Flick?

February 27, 2020 | video | Shot Dunyun |

A young actresses by the name of Linnea Gregg went viral for posting a video comparing the new thriller starring Alison Brie called Horse Girl, and the film she starred in called The God Inside My Ear. Alison Brie is said to have co-wrote the Horse Girl movie and was inspired to do so after coping with her own grandmothers mental illness. I assume she also saw the movie The God Inside my Ear before writing it. You can see a side by side of some of the similarities below and the director of the independent movie starring Linnea actually came forward to share the similarities he caught himself:

Both main characters (girls) have just recently experienced the loss of a loved one.
That loss makes both girls reclusive.
Both girls work in sales positions at department stores.
Both girls start hearing voices.
Both girls take a drug that transports them to a white room with a black creature.
Both girls are urged by their friends to start dating again.
Both girls go on blind dates.
Both girls feel drawn to a humming building in town.
Both girls visit this building in the middle of the night (in their pajamas).
Both girls are reincarnations (or clones) of past dead people.
Both girls consult with a shaman who give them a magic thing that will drive out their demons.
One girl gets nose bleeds. One girl gets ear bleeds.
Both girls go to an ear, nose, throat doctor about their bleeding orifices.
Both doctors refer them to a psychiatrist/psychologist.
Both girls do a dance and a ritual with their magic/shaman thing in their respective living rooms in order to ward off their evil demons.
Both girls get stuck in a small lock space where the door to that space magically opens so that they can escape.
Both girls are visited by younger versions of themselves.
Both girls walk or ascend into a bright all encompassing light at the very end of the film.
And those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.

Horse Girl wasn’t that bad and it gave us Alison Brie’s full frontal, so even if it was an almost direct rip of this at least we got that. It looks like I’ll be streaming the God Inside my Ear to see if the original was better than the remake..


Jojo’s 500 Calorie Per Day Diet

Jojo, who you probably remember as the child star from many years ago, or maybe you know her as the selfie queen who has been active on social media in recent years. Either way, she’s famous enough, and not just for how surprisingly big her breasts are, or how not so surprisingly she’s into taking provocative pics of herself like pretty much EVERY other girl who owns a phone. She’s had a career.

Now before she had the breasts we see on social media, that she’s clearly taken ownership on, she used to diet to stay skinny. You know, back when skinny was “in” and one of the extreme measures the starlet took was a 500 calorie per day diet.

The twist in the story is that the president of the label, probably some old pervert, was the one who enforced the diet and weight restrictions on the young girl, I mean he had a label to product. So Jojo wasn’t able to be the full-bodied hero she is today.

The nice thing about the diet is that the label also put her on appetite suppressant injections that she went along with because “Maybe I’m just so disgusting that no one wants to see me in a video and no one wants to look at me.”

The best thing about the story is that Jojo went on to develop addiction due to the pressures of being skinny – check out this quote.

“I started getting really f—ked up, drinking, making out with strangers, looking for validation and attention and looking to feel pretty, looking to feel good, to feel worthy,” pointing out “that she would blackout from drinking.”

Extreme insecurities from an industry that has paid her family mortgage off a few times I am sure, suck it up wimp. If you’re even having labels trying to put you on diets, you’ve basically made it in the industry.

Then again, thanks to her finding herself in her years of irrelevance, she also found her tits.

Hilary Duff – Vigilante – Calls Photographer a Creep for Taking Pics of Kids

The story is pretty amazing and I am on Hilary Duff’s side on this one.

She shamed a photographer because he shot pics of her kids at a soccer game by posting him on her social media calling him a creep. Taking pics of kids is really fucking creepy and there is really no excuse or justification. No one should EVER take pics of kids that aren’t their own, or affiliated with their own.

Lurking the Soccer fields? Call the police.

Not to mention, the photographer is quick to say that he is there on his own, what he is doing is not illegal, and that Hilary Duff is the one turning it into something creepy.

That said, who the hell is Hilary Duff to enforce what is and isn’t creepy. Maybe he is innocent in all this, would potentially be worthy of a lawsuit if you were in his place, you know get a little payment settlement out of the celebrity babe, but what this dude needs to realize is that there is nothing NOT creepy about what he’s doing.

Logically, Hilary Duff’s son is 7 years old, get a job dude.

However, who is she to decide what is and isn’t worthy of being shamed or what is and isn’t considered CYBERBULLYING by putting him on blast.

If this was me going up to a fat girl, saying “No Fatties Allowed”, I’d be the asshole, yet Hilary Duff, freedom fighter, vigilante for someone who theoretically against a dude acting within the law, is seen as a hero and maybe she is one.

All this to say, don’t take pics of kids, unless it opens you up to be shamed by a celeb on social media that you can sue for defamation and thus retire.

Also, don’t invite Hilary Duff’s kids anywhere because the paparazzi follows.

Also, don’t fuck with Hilary Duff.

Alyssa Milano is Celebrating Weinstein’s Verdict

February 24, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

Man I can’t stand Alyssa Milano, who by the way I thought was Rose McGowan in this photo – seriously where is her hair?

Alyssa Milano is like the weird theatre kid that eats boiled eggs and over acts and demands attention all the fucking time. So I’m not surprised that she is flourishing and, getting a second wind if you will, in 2020 with all the Social Justice bullshit that’s going on. There constantly a new trend or injustice for Alyssa Milano to jump on board with. She annoys the hell out of me. And I have always hated her acting.

So to celebrate a win in her eyes, with Harvey Weinstein being convicted on 2 criminal charges, one count of sexual assault and one count of RAPE. So Milano is stoked so she flashed this disgusting bra on social media.

Alyssa Milano Bra

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Is this a Really Good Troll or is it Truth?

So this Australian guy named Quaden Lad is in the news right now, he claims he’s 9 years old and has dwarfism. Apparently his mother uploaded this video of him crying saying that he wants to kill himself. The whole video seems weird in my opinion because I feel like a 9 year old’s go-to suicide wouldn’t be hanging, especially if they are a dwarf, how would they hang the rope??

So the video blows up, get 24 million views in 3 days on Facebook alone. Is shared across the internet and on all the news sites, and Quaden and his mom have made over half a million dollars in Go-Fund-Me donations in just over a day, which is insane if that’s true but I haven’t done the math. People are even starting fake pages and fake gofundmes’s to try and cash in.

Then someone came out and said that this guy is a full scammer, that he’s 18 years old, recently celebrated turning 18 on Instagram and is just scammed half a mill out of all these idiots.

I honestly can’t tell if this guy is 18, or if he’s really a sad 9 year old being bullied to the point of wanting to kill himself. Who knows, there is so much evidence to go both ways, there are picture of him looking like a grown gang banger, and then theres an article from an Australian magazine from 2016 which states he was 5 years old and the time, which people are also saying is a scam and that him and his “mother” have been scamming for years.

Is this a TROLL or is this just a dwarf?

Hunter Schafer with the Estrogen Titties for V Magazine

February 21, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

You may recognize Hunter Schafer for playing Jules on HBO’s Euphoria, the show that gave us Sydney Sweeney’s massive tits on display in a series of nudes taken for the production. Anyway these are not Sydney Sweeney’s tits, these are Hunter Schafer’s, a 21 year old model and actress from good ol North Carolina.

Hunter is a transgender woman and has said “I do like people to know that I’m not a cis girl because thats not something that I am or feel like I am.” Which is why I’m even mentioning it here.

Anyway Hunter sat down with V Magazine for an interview and spoke about how the Jules character she plays on the hit show was actually based on her and her personal experiences and spoke about her love for sci-fi. Here are the images from the magazine with Hunter and her estrogen titties.

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This Influencer Forgot to Photoshop her Baby Bump

February 21, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun |

There’s a social media influencer, if you want to call her that, called Natalie Halcro. She’s barely an influencer and more of one of those girls who rich-ish dudes would pass around, she was also on a tv show about the girls who date professional athletes, but instead of HOES it’s called WAGS meaning “Wives And Girlfriends of Sportspersons”.

So Natalie was on the show, got a spin off show, and has close to 4 million followers on Instagram. She just had a baby but before giving birth she shared these two pictures on social media. One where her baby bump was big and one where she forgot to photoshop the bump. Apparently thats a thing, women take photos when they are early in pregnancy and still somewhat skinny, and then photoshop the baby bump to make it look like they are farther along in their pregnancy. It’s insane. but this girl is notorious for photoshopping images of herself to begin with, but this is hilarious. She also released an image of her and the baby fresh out of labor and the smoothness of her is amazing. I cannot wait to see the photoshopped versions of her babies first photos.