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In today’s links we’ve got Jessica Simpson’s massive mams, Lily Rose Depp’s hard nips, Demi Lovato’s amazing cleavage, and more!

Jessica Simpson’s Massive Titties of the Day

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Back Together, Making Out in Public

Elizabeth Hurley Nipples in See-Through Dress

Model Sofia Resing’s Gorgeous Good Looks At Tribeca Party

Alana Soares Puts On A Smokeshow In This Incredible Nude Shoot

Elizabeth Olsen Busting Out Her Massive Braless Cleavage Like Bananas… WOW!

Bella Thorne’s Sweet Underboob

Demi Lovato’s Cleavage is The Very Best

Woodrocket Has Built An Infinity Gauntlet Sex Machine

Cardi B Almost Tips Over in Golf Cart

Lily Rose Depp Hard Nipples of the Day

Maitland Ward Spreads Her Legs in a Spider-Man T-Shirt!

Amber Rose Says #MeToo Is Forgetting Black Women

Future Drug Addict And Dancing With The Stars Redemption Story Mason Ramsey Releases Single

April 29, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson |

Mason Ramsey is the viral yodeling Walmart boy turned desert slut convention performer, and now, after being in the limelight for about three weeks, he has been signed to Atlantic Records as well as released his first single, “Famous.” Something that Ramsey will be for about another three weeks. And not that I give a shit, but the single does strip away the golly gosh naiveté that endeared his original Walmart warbling to people. “Famous” is something that Hannah Montana could have queefed out in her sleep.

Since I randomly recently spent way too much time reading about the fucked up way that kids were treated during the golden age of kid molesting for the Blind Item, I guess it’s a vast improvement that the eleven-year-old Ramsey is getting ahead in this world for his singing rather than by being strung out on a float in Bryan Singer’s pool. With that said, the volatile highs and lows of stardom are too much for even adults to handle – why just look at Mariah Carey – and previous examples of child stars tell us that Ramsey will most likely be yodeling into a crack pipe within five years. Then five years later he’ll have a redemption story on Dancing with the Stars. Then five years later he’ll be dead.

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

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Blind Item: Old Hollywood Actress Teen Sex House Alum

If only Bill Cosby was born a couple decades earlier he could have had it all. I don’t know who the fuck the teen sex house actresses described in this long ass Blind Item could be, but at least I now know where Bryan Singer got the inspiration for his pool parties. In reference to old Hollywood glam slam-a-rama, Slate states in a piece that could possibly be describing today’s retro teen sex auction Blind Item “…At the end of Judy’s performance, Clark Gable went up to the 14-year-old and kissed her. She looked over to Louis B. Mayer, who had his arms outstretched, and Judy ran over and climbed into the mogul’s lap. After that night, Judy became very busy.” For more general information about underage actresses having sex with producers for careers you’ll need to consult Jennifer Lawrence.


If you were a director or producer or studio head back in the day, you had easy access to a swarm of underage actors and actresses who were pressured to engage in sexual activity or not get cast for any more roles. Back even prior to the studio system, someone had the idea that it would be a whole lot easier to find teen actors and actresses if they were all in the same place. Back then, you often needed someone at a moment’s notice. You could make a call and the person would be sent over. It was not that long after it opened, that you could also send for someone even if you didn’t have a part. If the teen didn’t do what they were told, they were sent home and not allowed to return. It also meant they would never be cast for anything else. If you were a teen, for many years, this was one of the few places you could be from and get cast.

One of the actresses that knew all this first hand was this permanent A list mostly movie actress who was a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. One of the first movies that made her famous when she was a teen came as a result of having sex with this permanent A++ list mostly movie actor who was almost four decades older than the actress. He recommended her to his bff the director and she got the job.

This former flash in the pan A list actress who all of you know for one role got that job when she was a teen because two of her classmates said no to sex with the producers and she said yes. She was many years from being legal.

This former A list mostly television actress blames her time there and being the sex toy for a bunch of degenerate directors and producers for her life long drug problems.

This former A- list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring. Even though she didn’t get her first film role until she was legal, she was “auditioning” for several years prior to that and apparently her parental unit went on a rampage at a studio when she found out the offspring had been with three men at once and didn’t get cast in the role.  


H/T: Crazydaysandnights

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez Taco Flavored Kisses and Crap Around the Web

In today’s links, Rita Ora admits she likes men pleasuring themselves to her, The Hadid Sisters put their sister to the test, and a look at Sense8’s best nudity!

Rita Ora Reminds Us that Women Like Being Jerked off To of the Day

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Jennifer Lopez’s Incredible Curves On The TIME Red Carpet

All The Very Best Of: Amanda Seyfried’s Incredible Sex And Skinny Dipping Scenes

Kate Upton Gives Us A Bootylicious Workout!

Alessandra Ambrosio Rides An Inflatable

How Will Sense8 End?

Ireland Baldwin, Hanging Out, Outside, Topless

Nadine Velazquez Nude in Flight GIF! Brightened!

Matt Lauer, Ann Curry War Reignited

Bella and Gigi Hadid Make Out of the Day

English actress Ruta Gedmintas doing a hot naked lesbian scene

Visit an all female town and fuck your way around the local ladies

Cardi B Fired Manager for Allegedly Pocketing a Fortune

Vanessa Hudgens Boner Jams and Crap Around the Web

Today we’ve got Jaime King topless, Ewan McGregor’s daughter posing nude, Avengers cast members looking sexy, and more!

Jaime King Topless of the Day

Heidi Klum Dances Her Heart Out at Fashion Event

Adriana Lima Upshorts on a Photoshoot

Vanessa Hudgens Dancing Hippie at Coachella

READER FIND: A Nude Roll In The Hay With Kelly Reilly In 2007’s ‘Puffball’

Avengers Assemble! Pom Klementieff Gets Ultra Cute And Leggy!

Galina Dub Has The Craziest Booty On Instagram

Clara McGregor Is Pretty Damn Hot

Amber Rose In The Sun Is Stunning

Halsey Nude Bra and Panties of the Day

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams Hang Post Coachella

Nip Slip at the Sports Game!

Ronda Rousey & Mark Wahlberg Break Out the Guns in Vegas

Madison Beer Classy Boyfriend and Crap Around the Web

In today’s edition, Brooke Burke rocks a cameltoe, Liz Hurley in a see-through top, and former child stars who grew up and did a nude scene!

Brooke Burke’s Cougar Cameltoe of the Day

Stormy Daniels’ New Porno Is Killing It

Chanel West Coast Slips a Nip on her Snapchat

Madison Beer’s Boyfriend Gets Handsy in LA

Janet Lupo Showcases Her Ridiculously Full Pair

Cardi B Won’t Say Whether She Gave Jay-Z Permission to Touch Baby Bump

Aubrey Plaza Drops Some Sexy Braless Bosom Action On Seth Meyers

Chloe Grace Moretz Give Good Face

Former Child Stars That Grew Up to Have Nude Scenes

Twenty Questions with Hot Porno Starlet Carolina Cortez

Celine Farach Nude Selfies Leaked!

Elizabeth Hurley See Through of the Day

Gigi Hadid Parties with Long Line of Model Friends for 23rd Birthday

Nadeea Volianova in Not a Bikini and Crap Around the Web

In today’s edition, catch up with Sofia Richie’s rack, Vanessa Morgan’s mammaries, and Kendall Jenner’s Earth Day celebration!

Sofia Richie Tits of the Day

Teyana Taylor Eats Chicken While Grinding on Strippers

Jessie Wallace Nipple Slip

Russian Pop Singer Nadeea Volianova’s Barely-There Bikini Almost Falling Off

Stop And See Gorgeous Model Ruth Guerri’s Must-See Nude Shoot

Draya Michele Wedgies Out In Miami During Hot Bikini Shoot

Christina Hendricks Busting Out Her Ginormous Super Cleavage Like Bananas… WOW!

Charlotte McKinney In A Little Bikini

Kendall Jenner Celebrates Earth Day with Her Ass

We Needed Some Lara Stone Boobs

Erotic Photography by Mijail Reshetnikov!

Vanessa Morgan Titties of the Day

Madonna Loses Lawsuit Over Tupac Letter Auction

Victoria Beckham Annoys A Fashionisto

April 22, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf |

It’s always comical to see gay men and women argue. Both are protected classes in society that equally aim for the throat when threatened in any argument but are forced to keep composure when things go public. He can’t call her a cunt, and she can’t drop f-bombs without backlash. Stalemate. Stefano Gabbana hates the fact that Victoria Beckham’s breathes air and isn’t shy about letting her know. Stefano chose to utilize the most manliest way possible to express his dislike of her and posted three thumbs down emojis under a picture of Victoria. On her birthday. Talk about death by shade. Maybe using thumbs down emojis is the best way to deal with women you don’t like. Domestic violence would drastically decrease. Now when a woman says she slept with your brother out of spite you can leave three thumbs down emojis on her Instagram instead of leaving her with a black eye. Stefano is on to something.

This isn’t the first time the two designers have publicly sparred. Back in April 2014, speaking at the launch of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s “The Glamour of Italian Fashion” exhibit, Gabbana reportedly called Beckham a friend before disparaging her designs. “For us, she don’t make [clothes] the same way like a fashion designer,” he said via The Telegraph. “She’s a designer but … it’s different. John Galliano is a designer … Alexander McQueen.”

The world is obviously going to end soon if gay Italian designers and women aren’t getting along. Stefano doesn’t really come clean about the reason why he began to dislike Beckham but I have a theory. His lover Domenico Dolce is a huge Spice Girls fan and probably forces him to role play as Posh Spice often. That or the Wannabe single gets stuck in his head every time he looks at her. That’s a good enough reason to thoroughly hate another human being.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News 

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Blind Item: Alcoholic Drug Addict Hates Her Fans

April 21, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson |

This Blind Item was already all but revealed because Selena Gomez was filmed a week ago buying wine at Target while definitely not strung out on meth. Definitely. But then again, maybe, just maybe, this could be describing our little AIDS under a microscope herself, Bella Thorne. But then again, I like to imagine that Thorne skips over wine in favor of gasoline. Hmm.


While the cameras were focused on her, our favorite wine buying, drug taking former tweener turned adult actress/singer signed autographs and took pics with fans. As soon as the cameras stopped, so did our actress/singer.


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Ireland Baldwin Hits From the Bong and Crap Around the Web

Today’s edition finds Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato getting intimate, 420 Celebrations galore, and Lucy Hale’s nude debut in Dude!

Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato Dyke it Down at the Stripclub of the Day

Kim Kardashian West Launching New Intimates and Shapewear Line

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