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I Dare You to Find a Better Cyber Monday Deal Than the Mr. Skin Lifetime Membership Sale


In the spirit of the season, Mr. Skin has rolled out his very best sale – and it’s a rare one. The Lifetime Membership Sale is only $99, and yes, it really does get you access to the celebrity nudity site for the rest of your life with no future costs. Considering the membership usually runs at $12/month, this is legitimately spectacular. Right now, you’ll also snag one-month memberships to Playboy Plus AND Naked News for no extra dollars at all. Is there a better deal? No. Is this a better way to spend your money than on a shitty blender you don’t even need but want to buy because it’s 70 percent off? Yes. Get this deal while you can right here

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Devin Brugman Busty Beauty and Shit Around the Web


Lauren Bonner naked photos of the day (DrunkenStepfather)

Victoria’s Secret Angels bikini vacation in Thailand (TMZ)

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Rebel Wilson Won Legal Lottery


According to Bauer Media the only thing authentic about Rebel Wilson was her obesity.  She lied about everything else like age and real name. And the kicker was some body positivity judge actually sided with Wilson and awarded her $4.5 million dollars. That roughly equals out to six Krispy Kreme visits for the young lady. Allegedly the articles that were published about her by the company damaged her reputation and marketability. Because being a very round overweight over the hill in age woman is what sells seats to films these days. Never mind that she’s constantly the comic relief role in every film because fat equals funny. No. Rebel didn’t get lead role in Black Swan because a couple of articles said her real name isn’t Rebel Wilson. Right. 

In June, Rebel won her legal case against Bauer Media for eight articles published in their magazines, including Woman’s Day and OK! Magazine, which claimed she had lied about her real name, age and childhood.

The judge found the articles had damaged her reputation and marketability, awarding the actress a $4.5 million payout in October.

Bauer Media are appealing against the verdict and payout. 

I can’t take this woman seriously. Fat women are victims of short breath and clogged arteries, not fraud. Crikey I’m upset the best the land of ‘roos has to offer after the untimely passing of Steve Irwin is the Michelin woman with a Walmart cruise collection wardrobe. The human marshmallow and all six of her chins receive not an ounce of sympathy from me. The same way you never fit into any size at American Apparel is the same way you’ll never fit into this role of victim you’re trying to squeeze into. 

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Katy Perry Can’t Stop Winning, Outsmarts Nuns


Katy Perry is officially Katy Petty after attempting to buy property from nuns who wouldn’t sell to her over the last two years. The nuns believe in God, having morals, ethics, and chastity so they weren’t crazy on the idea of selling to someone that wants to throw 24 hour sex parties in the Los Feliz convent. But that didn’t stop Perry from complaining until she was awarded $1.57 million dollars. That money was just to cover her legal fees because justice in America isn’t cheap. What kind of cold blooded sinner sues some nuns?

After a legal battle spanning nearly two years, a judge has ruled in favour of pop star Katy Perry in her bid to buy a Los Angeles convent from a group of nuns.

In June 2015, the singer offered $US14.5 million ($18.9 million) for the property, but the sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary opted to sell it to restaurateur Dana Hollister, who had put in an offer weeks later.

The sale was contested in court the same month, because it was in dispute who actually had the right to sell the property in the first place.

On March 14 this year, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick ruled the nuns failed to get the necessary written approval for the sale from the LA Archdiocese as well as the Pope. Therefore the sale to Dana Hollister was invalid, and the property is now available for Katy Perry to buy.

Katy can really rub people the wrong way. There are so many properties for her to pick from yet she wants the holy place. I’m almost positive it’s for satanic rituals. There can be no other reason. Especially when the cover photo for her Witness tour makes her looks like the devil version of David Bowie. Now she’s picking on nuns who don’t want to sell the convent to a lost soul. If there is a God he won’t allow this sale to go through. The world doesn’t need an eight acre unholy house of Perry where only God knows what is going on inside. 

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Kate Mara Excitement Contained and Shit Around the Web


Montana Cox topless Aussie of the day (DrunkenStepfather)

Izabela Guedes‘ hottest shots (TMZ)

Amateur Nude Gallery: Gloria at home (TaxiDriverMovie)

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Pink Is Peter Parker


Pink was caught cringing at Christina Aguilara’s interpretation of a Whitney Houston song. But it was Christina’s fault. She should have known it wouldn’t have been easy to impress someone who obviously still shops at Hot Topic. What’s even more eye catching than being a middle-aged mother with a faux hawk is that Pink practices for her performances on the sides of skyscrapers. Because attention. Is an AMA performance really worth almost dying for? 

Pink, 38, is going ALL out for her upcoming appearance at the American Music Awards! The pop star was seen hanging off a 34 floor hotel in Los Angeles on Nov. 17 during practice for her showstopping performance and it was insane! Although she’s known for her acrobatics, this seemed to take her normal indoor routines one step further as she hung by wires while doing flips and dance moves. The city of Los Angeles even got a permit for Pink’s performance so we’re definitely in for a real treat with intense preparation!

I encourage entertainers to take on risks mostly because it makes for good conversation starters with strangers. What brings two people who never spoke closer than watching an uncensored video of Pink in a million pieces after a cable malfunction. If anything goes wrong the blame is entirely on her. As a mother she should know better. Being a strong independent woman doesn’t mean actually trying to be a superwoman with superpowers hanging on the side of a building to save an audience from boredom. A carefully calculated nip slip from a celebrity half her age would get the same amount of attention for the evening that Pink would get while break dancing on the side of a building. Times have changed. Gracefully bow out and go be a mom safely in the suburbs.

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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Brett Ratner Russell Simmons The Sexual Harassment Super Duo


I’m about as exhausted hearing about who’s the new sexual predator of the day the same way the victims were repeatedly asked to perform fellatio on men more influential and powerful than their boyfriends. Unfortunately for me I haven’t been selected to be sexually harassed by upper management. There’s no segue into a seven figure salary or settlement should I chose to live on my knees in silence. So back to standing on two feet and loudly snitching it is. Let’s all show some love and a warm welcome to the newest face to grace the sexual misconduct show, Russell Simmons. Apparently he was apart of some sexual misconduct Justice League, a pantheon of perverts. Allegedly he made a 17-year-old model, Keri Claussen Khalighi, perform oral sex on him in 1991 while Brett Ratner just watched. No one is denying that the incident took place. The part where sexual misconduct steps in is the question of “is reluctance rape?” 

Keri Claussen Khalighi was a 17-year-old fashion model from a farm town in Nebraska when she met Brett Ratner and Russell Simmons at a casting call“I looked over at Brett and said ‘help me’ and I’ll never forget the look on his face,” she recalled. “In that moment, the realization fell on me that they were in it together.”

Khalighi said that Simmons, who was then about twice her age, tried to force her to have intercourse. “I fought it wildly,” she said. He eventually relented and coerced her to perform oral sex, she alleged. “I guess I just acquiesced.” Ratner, meanwhile, “just sat there and watched,” she said. Feeling “disgusting,” Khalighi said she went to take a shower. Minutes later, she alleged, Simmons walked up behind her in the shower and briefly penetrated her without her consent. She said she jerked away, then he left. “It hurt so much.”

In a statement, Simmons, 60, strongly disputed her account. “Everything that occurred between Keri and me occurred with her full consent and participation,” he said. Much of the two days and one night he spent with her, he said, was with other people, or in public. Ratner had “no recollection” of Khalighi asking him for help and denied witnessing her “protest,” his attorney Martin Singer said.

In several of the accounts, the women said that Ratner, 48, surrounded himself with powerful friends, including Simmons and filmmaker James Toback. These men and other older, controversial Hollywood friends — including producer Robert Evans and filmmaker Roman Polanski — have served as father figures to Ratner, who had a distant relationship with his late dad. Evans, the former Paramount Pictures production chief who was convicted of trafficking cocaine, explained his relationship with Ratner in a 2007 Vanity Fair story: “I was his Hollywood father. I don’t know whether I should be proud of that or not.”

I didn’t care who Monica Lewinsky, Kim Kardashian, or Keri Claussen Khalighi was until genitalia belonging to men more famous than them gave them a platform. One is doing TED talks, one has her own TV show, and one is hoping for a silent payout. Money, shame, and fame all being the common denominator between them. If someone allegedly forced their phallus down your throat you don’t take a shower at their house right after. I’ll admit Ratner isn’t the greatest defense witness on a case like this but I need more evidence before falling victim to a conjecture myself. I’m not putting it past a powerful music mogul to take advantage of a teen but something about her story isn’t adding up. You know like the absence of at least a police report. But then when you look at the accusations against Ratner and the people he was around his entire career this situation seems more than plausible. 

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Body Shamed Brooke Hogan Not Backing Down


Most people who get made fun of don’t have millions of dollars to wipe away their tears. That fact didn’t stop Brooke Hogan from crying about being body shamed and incorrectly labeled a transexual. Her dad definitely doesn’t have a problem with the way she looks. There are drastically less attractive women going through that type of ridicule every day on Instagram alone under every selfie. You’re not special. She even has a show that allows “regular people” to compete to become a model. Wouldn’t classifying someone as “regular” already put them in the ugly and not good enough box before they even start? Social justice logic at it’s finest. Now Hogan wants to redefine beauty because she knows there’s power in numbers. A sea of uggos will drown the current beauty standard and make that severely overweight misshapen woman with a mustache an instant 10 on the bangabilty scale. 

“I’ve gotten, ‘Her jaw could crush rocks,’ and ‘She’s so tall she looks like a transexual,’ ” Hogan, 29, tells PEOPLE Now.

These days she isn’t bothered by the rude comments — largely because she knows her body type is all genetics.

“Being Hulk Hogan’s daughter, you definitely don’t come out 110 lbs. and petite,” Hogan says, laughing. “It’s always been that I’m muscular, I’m 5’10”.”

And with that experience behind her, she’s helping people feel better about themselves on her new Amazon show,The Fashion Hero, where dozens of regular people compete to model for four famous fashion designers.

“There was a girl who kind of went through something similar that was on the show, her name was Stacy, and she was telling me that people would call her Mount Everest, becayse she was kind of a bigger, taller girl. And she just started crying and I just instantly started feeling my 13-year-old self coming through even though I was supposed to be mentoring these people,” Hogan says. “I just cried every single day on set, it was like a baby being born every day.”

I find it amazing how most women won’t even look in a guy’s direction if he isn’t a certain height yet when the roles are reversed it’s a national emergency. No person on this planet belongs to a protected class. Living up to a certain beauty standard is a personal choice. Especially on the internet. No straight man on this Earth in real life has ever decided mid-date that a woman is too tall to attempt to have sex with when the evening is over. If your nickname is Mount Everest just give me a minute to fetch my boots and I will be mounting Everest right after. Impossible beauty standards are perpetuated by other women and teens who believe porn isn’t heavily photoshopped. If you’re looking for approval from either of those groups then you’ve already lost.  

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Gigi Hadid's Racism Bites Back At Victoria's Secret


The lesser of two evils, Gigi Hadid, has announced that she will not be heading to China for the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and many are speculating that her absence is more of a national policy than a whim decision due to a racist video featuring Hadid that went viral this past summer. In the video, Hadid can be seen pulling back her eyes to mimic a Chinese Buddha cookie – an offensive gesture powerful enough to have all of China reeling. Hadid then goes on to recite some lines from what she declares as her favorite poem: “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these.” Kidding, but she was thinking about it. 

Hadid previously expressed her excitement in making her return to the anorexic slut convention, but earlier this week tweeted:

I’m so bummed I won’t be able to make it to China this year. Love my VS family, and will be with all my girls in spirit!! Can’t wait to tune in with everyone to see the beautiful show I know it will be, and already can’t wait for next year!

If you live in a subdivision in Toledo full of dilapidated 80’s basement ranchers, then you probably know women who make their way to half-empty malls to feel like princesses by getting free tote bags with purchase at VS. I mean is there anything more elegant than a free tote bag. But somehow participation in the annual fashion show, which features supermodels lugging heaping mounds of feather and glitter garbage down the runway, has become one of the most prestigious achievements for a model. The most prestigious of professions. The next one down being a cam girl. 

Victoria’s Secret and Hadid have remained quiet as to the exact circumstances surrounding Hadid’s departure from the show, but considering it’s hard to imagine she has anything better going on, it’s probably the video. And since everyone knows that the worst thing a person can do is to make themselves look Chinese, I’m glad Hadid is getting the punishment she deserves. Chinese. bleh. It’s time to end racism once and for all.   

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Photo Credit: Splash News, Gigi Hadid / Instagram

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